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4 Essential Back To School Cleaning Tips

August 9, 2019

Okay Moms and Dads, the time has come! It’s that time of the year when things get more hectic, stressful, and DIRTY! You would think with the kids being gone for eight hours a day, the house would be clean right? You wish! Sending the kids back to school means there is less time in the day for everyone plus a whole classroom worth of germs coming into your home every day.

Fresh Tech Maids made this list for parents everywhere to prepare their home for this back to school season. These are not just tips for cleaning your home, but for keeping your home clean! Don’t waste every Saturday you have until your child graduates cleaning the entire house. Use these tips to maintain a clean home all year round!
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1. Organized Home = Clean Home

I know you don’t want to, but imagine your home when it’s dirty. What do you see? You most likely don’t see anything too revolting, right? It’s probably just a tornado of clothes, toys, papers, and whatever else your kids took a brief interest in that day. When school season starts, combine this tornado with all of their shoes, backpacks, jackets, and socks.

Having an organized house can help so much with keeping your home clean. So, where do you start?

At the source of course!

Make yourself a front hall command center! Give your kids an easy place to put everything right where they enter the house. Not only does this keep your house clean, it gets rid of the “I can’t find my ____” that your kid will inform you of three seconds before you’re all out the door.

It’s so easy to make yourself and it saves you so much time! First, plan a designated area for backpacks. A simple basket or bin can do the trick. You could also get a wall coat hanger and nail it low on the wall, or as tall as your child.

Then, get a basket for school shoes. I don’t mean the basket you already have that contains every shoe everyone in your family has ever owned; I mean a SCHOOL SHOE basket. Kids normally wear the same few pairs of shoes to school. Even though they might have 30 other pairs, that special pair is another “I can’t find my ____” object that fills your mornings. Get a small basket for right under or next to where the backpacks are and make it the school shoe basket!

After this, customize your command center to fit your needs! Add a chore chart (we have a great print out below) or a drawer for all the papers you need to sign or look at before the night is over. Having a drawer for papers like this can help your mornings go so much smoother!

Front hall command center

There are a few other places you can organize in your home that not only makes your mornings go much easier but also keeps your house clean! Organizing your child’s closet before the school season with a set of drawers or space-saving hanger that has their outfits planned for the week will prevent the clothes tornado that occurs when your little one can’t find a certain shirt. Do the same thing with your pantry for after-school snacks and lunches! After this, color code your life!

Lastly, make one day of the weekend your cleaning day and assign chores to everyone in the household for the rest of the week. This way it won’t be very dirty when it comes to your cleaning day, which leaves more time for deep cleaning or household projects!

2. Get The Kids Involved

First of all, I get it. Kids don’t want to clean or do chores and when you finally get them to do it, they don’t do it very well. That’s why you make it fun and give incentives! We have a few great ideas for making cleaning fun, but the key to getting kids to clean is communication. Watch your tone when you talk about chores and don’t nag or berate the tasks they’ve already done. Use it as a learning experience! Point out the things they did really good and then explain what they did wrong.

A great way to utilize this is making a chore sheet! We have this amazing printable chore sheet that works even better if you laminate it and use dry erase markers to check off the chores. Give your kids a prize or other incentive if they get all their checks for the week or month. If they don’t clean something to your standard, don’t give them a check in that category and explain to them how you would like it done!

Printable chore sheet

Another great way to get the kids interested is to color code the clock! Even though this may seem only useful for younger kids, it can work great for any age. Even your 16 year old can’t forget to sweep the kitchen when they look at the clock and see the hour hand is in the blue!

Just take your current analog clock and use a dry erase marker to color the hour section of when you want a chore to be done. Then, tape a piece of paper next to the clock with the key to what color means what chore. This can also work great for bedtimes, homework times, and snack times!

Lastly, we have a chore basket! If your kid is having trouble knowing what chemicals to use on what or where to find something, make them a basket with everything they need to do their daily chores. The basket can be filled with disinfectant wipes, sponges, dustpans, and more! Chore baskets can be used to declutter your cleaning cabinet, as well as keeping your kids away from harmful chemicals you don’t want them accidently using.

3. Prepare For The Flu

School season means flu season for parents! The flu breaks out at your child’s school, then BAM every member of the family is sick and you’re calling off work. Keeping a clean home is very effective in preventing the flu, but there are a few other precautions you can take.

Dusting your home is one of the most essential things you can do when flu season comes around. When people are disinfecting their house, many forget to dust the house first. Before you clean anything, dust EVERYWHERE. Once you’re done, do your normal vacuum and wipe down to clean up all the dust you knocked loose.

Don’t forget about hand sanitizer! Okay, I know this may seem obvious, but just having hand sanitizer around the house doesn’t mean your child will use it every day. Put a bottle in your front hall command center and make it a part of their daily chores to use it as soon as anyone comes in the house. Also consider buying bag clip sanitizer for your child’s bag. You can get all kinds of different smelling ones, which not only makes your kids want to use it more often, but other kids as well! You may pay for multiple kids to use this, but the flu prevention will go a long way!

You can’t just rely on hand sanitizer for the germs on your children’s hands. Making sure they’re washing their hands efficiently can be the key to saving your sinuses! Teach your kids to sing the entire ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ song or their ‘ABC’s’ while washing their hands to make sure they kill as many germs as possible. Check out our checklist for sanitizing key touch points to minimize child illness here!

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4. Hire A Maid

Hiring a maid to come clean your home every other week can keep you safe from the flu, keep you stress free, and give you so much more time in the day. Here at Fresh Tech Maids, we have a Flu Buster Special that will completely sanitize your home while also using chemical free products to keep your family and pets as healthy as possible!

You may also be thinking that hiring a maid and teaching your children to help with chores could be conflicting points, but they’re not! Instead of having a deep cleaning day on the weekend, just free the entire weekend by having a maid do the deep clean. Maids normally charge by the hour, so anything you can do to shorten the time will save you money. Keeping the house clean by giving your kids daily chores can give the maid more time to focus on the deep cleaning aspects. Also, ask your maid to not clean the children’s room. This gives your kids the responsibility of keeping their room clean, as well as saves you money by giving the maid less rooms to clean! To book your cleaning, either call 847.392.0888 or click the button below to book online!
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