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5 Shoe Organization House Cleaning Tips

October 24, 2018

When your closet is a mess, your life can be turned upside down. Fresh Tech Maid, #1 Maid Service Chicago are expert organizers and are here to tell you some house cleaning tips for  shoe organization you need to hear. Step by step, organize your shoes to get the most wear out of them and to make the best fashion choices.

1. Always put them back in place

The key to keeping an organized system is to NEVER leave shoes on the floor. No matter what you’re doing, put your shoes back where you store them. Getting into that habit will ensure your shoes are all together where you can find them. When you put them back they won’t be scattered and you can make the correct shoe choice in the mornings when picking your outfit. This not only makes it easier to navigate your space, but it makes it easier for you house cleaning service Chicago!

2. Sort shoes by categories

House cleaning tips usually will involve the sorting of whatever you are trying to organize. Sorting your shoes by category is an essential way to organize your shoes. Breaking them down by category will ensure when you leave in the morning, your shoe choice will be so easy. From casual sneakers to heels, you’ll know where to look for every occasion.

3. Make them all visible

Ensuring that you can see all of your choices is essential to making the right shoe choice. If you have a clear visual of what you’re working with, you won’t keep reaching for the same ones over and over again. No matter where you store them, laying them out so none are tucked away in the back is the best way of seeing them all.

4. Try different systems and find one that works for you

It may take time, but try different systems that work for you. Try clear boxes, wire racks and little cupboards especially for your shoes. Finding the system that works the best for you is essential to keeping your shoes organized.

5. Downsize

When it comes to house cleaning tips, one of the best suggestions is just to flat out downsize. Do you really need six pairs of black ballet pumps? Ask yourself how much wear out of certain shoes you get. If you don’t get enough then it is time to part ways. Once you get your shoe organization in order, take a look and note the shoes that you just don’t gravitate towards. Giving away unloved shoes to friends or charity stores, such as the St. Vincent DePaul can ensure you live a more organized and productive life.

Do you have any shoe organization tips? Let this maid service in Chicago know!