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It’s Time to Focus on You Before It’s Too Late

It’s time to focus on you and Fresh Tech Maid is here to help you with that. Apartment cleaning services you will free up so much time to focus on your career, your side hustle or just have more time for yourself. Whatever the occasion, a great service will give your home the refresh it deserves. There are so many aspects to an apartment cleaning service that you may not know. There are several factors that make a great service and that makes them stand out from the rest. We’re here today to share with you six secrets of hiring a great apartment cleaning service Chicago.


The Convenience of Online Booking

Everything is online nowadays. You can do anything you want so it is essential for any reputable cleaning company to have an online booking system. We want everything faster and at our fingertips so there is no excuse not to have a convenient online booking system for apartment cleaning services Chicago. A fast, reliable and efficient service can ensure you have your apartment taken care of when needed. Of course, with any good online booking system there needs to be a good customer service representative at the end of the line communicating with you from start to finish. Support should be there during and after the cleaning to ensure your full satisfaction with the service as we will talk about later.

A Great Reputation

For any service, they rely heavily on their online reputation in order to generate bookings. Sites like Yelp, Best Pick Report, Three Best Pick, BBB and Google Reviews are just some of the sites in which customers can leave their opinions. These are unbiased sites that allow you to make an educated and informed decision about the service that you chose to use. Generally, people are more likely to leave reviews when they are full of emotion and angry at how a service has wronged them but take a look at the good reviews too. Good reviews are much appreciated, they show how satisfied with the service the customer was. Don’t forget to review your favorite services if you enjoy your service, it is always much appreciated.

Team v.s Solo Cleaners in Apartment Cleaning Service Chicago

Home cleaning services vary in terms of the amount of cleaning technicians they send to your home. Some companies have a team of 4 people to clean your home however this is not the most effective for apartments. The size of apartment cleaning favor a solo cleaner, who is more efficient alone vs a team as it is unnecessary. The inefficiency of the cleaning is derived from the coordination of the cleaning. Solo cleaners do a more thorough clean as they are fully accountable for the job, they have nobody else to fall back on. They get the job done without any distractions of others. Sure, it may be done quicker, but would you prefer that at the expense of a job well done?

Another benefit of a solo cleaner is there is generally a shorter arrival time of about one hour as their cleanings and days are much more structured. Teams of 3 or 4 tend to have an arrival time from 4 hours to half of the day! Why should you have to wait around all day for someone to clean your home? The aim of cleaners Chicago is to relieve stress from your life and free up your time so you can spend it on yourself- not waiting around for someone to come to your home.

Availability of Client Service

The client service that you receive says a lot about a company. From the first interaction to the feedback after the cleaning, there should be someone at hand to answer your questions and guide you through the process. They should aim to understand why you need a cleaning service, why you are calling them at that time to request the service in order to make it as personalized as possible for you. They should be transparent about price, that the quote that they give you is an estimate and how their pricing works.

When they arrive at your home, they should manage the cleaning effectively for you to feel comfortable. They should update you about how the cleaning is going, especially if the technicians do not have enough time to complete the cleaning. If they call to ask how the cleaning service is going- they are willing to help and identify any problems that you may have, ultimately trying to work with you in order to exceed your expectations.

Following the cleaning, the customer service representative should ask how the cleaning went. They do not only seek good feedback, but the bad too. An honest house cleaning service doesn’t want to just take your money, they want to build a relationship with you. Understanding that human’s make mistakes, an apartment cleaning service wants to hear what they did both good and bad. Seeking both positive and negative feedback enables a company to grow and constantly improve for the technician and the company alike. A great customer service team makes or breaks a cleaning service.

Who is Coming to Your Home?

Companies either use independent contractors or employees for their service and there is a huge difference for you between the two. Employees are hired directly by a company whereas independent contractors are outsourced to complete a job. You may not realize when you hire a cleaning company, but the difference is huge between the two can be seen over time. One major difference is that independent contractors are not trained to a high, similar standard. US labor law prohibits cleaning companies to train and direct independent contractors therefore if you get different technicians in your home, one week your home may be spotless but the next week you may be very unsatisfied with the service. The best cleaning companies ensure their employees go through a strenuous hiring process and have the same cleaning ability across the board. Not only that, they all go through the same rigorous training plan which means their skill level will be very high and they are more than capable to do the job with all of the employees being at the same standard.

The standard is a huge factor but an even bigger one is the question- who are they?! If a company employs a technician, they can be very selective about who they can chose out of their pool of candidates. They can hire people with the right morals, work ethic and attitude who can learn the skills needed for the job. Not only this, the employees will be background checked and drug tested so you can trust who is coming into your home. Sometimes the company may have not even met the independent contractor before sending them to your home. The customer service representative may be telling you one thing, but can you trust them if they haven’t even met the technician before?

Environmental and health impact of Chemical free cleaning.

When using chemicals to clean- the surface may shine however it is not really clean. Chemicals still lie on the surfaces which can be extremely harmful for your family and their health. It is not necessary to use harsh chemicals to clean even though most house cleaning companies still do use them.  Ask the company if they do chemical free cleaning!

Chemicals can be so bad for the health of you and your family. The average number of chemicals that a US home has is 63. A lot of these cleaning chemicals have been linked to scientific studies of particularly immune system disorders, cancer and asthma. People of lowered immune systems, pregnant women, young children and pets should avoid cleaning chemicals, as they are more vulnerable they can cause even more harm.

Chemical free cleaning leaves no carcinogenic or toxic residue on your home surfaces and doesn’t degrade the air quality inside your home in comparison to using chemicals. It is so much healthier for you, your pets and the earth as there is no chemical waste. Using di-ionized water or as well like to call it ‘hungry water’, as a cleaning fluid paired with a microfiber cloth completely sanitizes surfaces. In fact, they have been proven to remove 99% of bacteria whereas a cotton cloth would only reduce the amount of bacteria by 33%.

You’re probably thinking ‘prove it!’. Fresh Tech Maid’s CEO Wells Ye showed just how effective chemical free cleaning is, LIVE on Fox TV. He ensured the surface had a germ count of zero- you can’t get any cleaner than that!


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