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You may be toying with the idea- will I get a maid service in Evanston? There are many reasons one may look for a company that can clean Evanston apartments. Maybe you’re moving out and you would like to get your security deposit back, possibly you’re hosting a summer party or you just want to spend more time on your family! Finding the right service for you can be difficult. All of the options can make this process more confusing than it should be. Some services can be pricey, however here is why apartment cleaning services Evanston are worth the money.

More Time to Spend on What You Love

The first question you need to ask when considering hiring an a company is why. Sure, sometimes people want a move out service to get their security deposit back but most people that use these companies use it on a regular basis. Naturally, the amount of people you have in your apartment will increase the level of dirt. As there are more people, your home is getting heavier usage and will get dirtier quicker. As a result, you would be working on your apartment more often than you should. The beauty of these services is that they free up your time! Having that extra two to three hours a week extra that you would have spent on your apartment can seriously enhance your life.

Think about what you love in life- what makes you happy. Is it your family, your other half, or your business you have established and run on the side of your job? Think of the benefits you would see if you put in that extra time to spend on that. Why look back on your life and regret that you worried about the little things like mopping the floors when you should have been spending time with those who matter most?

Building a relationship with a service is an extremely good way to get what you want out of your life. Providing her with feedback is an essential way for not only her to grow as a professional, but for your needs and goals to be met. Walking through Evanston apartments afterwards can also bring to light if any areas were missed that can be fixed there and then. The technicians are human after all, we all make mistakes. It is completely normal for us to miss certain areas of the area. In fact, there are no perfect jobs, only great ones. By hiring the wrong company for you, you may spend more time following up with them, complaining and more! Ensure you find a great company in Evanston who is committed to your satisfaction time and time again.

Your Health Will Improve Drastically with Apartment Cleaning Services Evanston

Earth in hands

Not many people know, but we in fact do not need chemicals to clean. Before World War 2 we pretty much only used natural products to wash our houses. Due to a boom in the industry for chemicals, billions of dollars were invested into advertising them, convincing the masses that you need them to achieve a germ free apartment. As a result, over the years we have been brainwashed to believe this and to think that the smell means disinfected, when in fact this is not the case.

On average, a US family has approximately 63 unsafe chemicals. These products are extremely dangerous as they have been linked to scientific studies stating that it affects those with immune system disorders, cancer and asthma. You can ingest them in three ways, through your mouth, your skin and inhalation. They can be ingested through your skin as you touch areas of your home after you tidy up. The second way is through your mouth. Children and pets being significantly at risk as they are so close to the floor. Thirdly, and possibly the most dangerous, you can inhale the dangerous chemicals. They can degrade air quality and if you do not have the correct ventilation, it can do serious damage to you and you may not even know it is happening!

When using them to wipe things down, the surface may shine however it is not clean. The residue still lies on the surfaces which can be extremely harmful for your family and their health. It is not necessary to use harsh products to tidy even though most services that clean Evanston apartments still use them.

Ask the company if they are chemical free! These products work even better than chemicals. When we clean Evanston apartments we use several products which prove that. Deionized water is a product, it is water in its purest form, it doesn’t have any mineral contaminants. It is a ‘hungry’ liquid which attracts microorganisms and soil as well as dissolving them.

What’s best about water is its only residual. This makes it so healthy for your family. When you use them to wipe things down, it leaves a dangerous layer of residue on surfaces and in the air but this doesn’t leave any residue at all! Using deionized water with a microfiber cloth is a very effective duo, which makes a great sanitizer. Microfiber cloths trap dirt well as they are composed of tiny wedge hooks and loop- shaped fibers. When wiping down a surface, they catch dirt and dust. They have been proven to remove 99% of bacteria whereas a cotton cloth would only reduce the number of bacteria by 33%.

Maid services that clean Evanston apartments should use this method. Chemical free products leave no carcinogenic or toxic residue on your surfaces and doesn’t degrade the air quality inside your place in comparison to using chemicals. Your family’s health in Evanston depends on this! Why expose them to harsh products when it only degrades their health? Using them can really compromise the health of your pets and those with lowered immune systems like children and the elderly. Why take the risk?

It Will Help The Environment

As previously mentioned, chemical free products do wonders for your health. However, it does more than that, it is extremely beneficial for the environment. These products leave no carcinogenic or toxic residue on your surfaces and doesn’t degrade the air quality inside your place in comparison to using chemicals. It is so much healthier for you, your pets and the earth as there is no toxic waste. By just you changing your habits, you can extremely benefit the earth’s health.

You’re probably thinking ‘prove it!’. Fresh Tech Maid’s CEO Wells Ye showed just how effective chemical free products are, LIVE on Fox TV. We reduce the germ count of the surface from 250 to 3- an ultra-disinfected and surface just from using our trusted deionized water and a microfiber cloth. Fresh Tech Maid in Evanston has also been featured on both regional and national media networks. Some of the outlets included WGN9, ABC, The Daily Herald and more!

It is all well and good seeing that these companies appreciate these products, but we measure the quality through our client satisfaction here at Fresh Tech Maid in Evanston as well. We have hundreds of reviews on Yelp, Google, BBB, and Facebook explaining how our maid service Evanston changes our customers lives. Our clients LOVE chemical free cleaning and the hard work that we do for them. Their homes are left sparkling when we leave, it is visual after all! We can judge how tidy an area is by the dust level, soil residue, lack of shine on surfaces and odor. After going converting, you can tell how truly effective it really is. So it doesn’t just help your health and the environment, it enhances your life to its fullest degree too!




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