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Chemical Free Cleaning Technician Position

Top Pay! Awesome Hours! Caring Environment!

For Chicago

For Arlington Heights


117 Reviews / 4.7

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167 Raving Reviews

I Wish I Found this Job A Lot Earlier

Top Pay – $16.15 to $18.40/Cleaning Hour!

As the “Best Pick of Maid Services” in Chicago and Northwest Suburbs, Fresh Tech Maid offers the highest pay rate in the industry. Our pay rate is not just the highest number. Rather, it shows how valuable our cleaning technicians are to the company!

No Nights and No Weekends – Mom Friendly and School Friendly!

At Fresh Tech Maid, your work hours ends at 5pm for Full Time and 3pm for School Time, designed for Moms and part time college students. Perfect for childcare and school study, while earn the top dollars!

For Chicago

For Arlington Heights

Caring and Friendly Work Environment!

Our culture is friendly, caring, and professional! Sure, there are issues at work. But, we always support each other. First understand and then, to be understood. We listen, understand, support, and earn trust!

Seven Levels of Technician for Your Growth! Go Higher and Farther!

Everyone has the potential to grow professionally and financially. If you are determined to grow to the next level of technician and earn more, we are always there to support and coach. Sky is the limit!

Cleaner, Healthier, and Safer Chemical Free Cleaning!

As a leader in chemical free cleaning in the USA, we often reduce cleaning chemicals use by 95% to 100% for repeat cleanings. You will work in a special way that is healthier for the clients, the Earth, and you. Win, win, and win! Why not?



For Chicago

For Arlington Heights

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