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How Can I Get My Kids to Do Cleaning Chores?

November 21, 2018

In a perfect world, your kids would do their cleaning chores every week. Whether it involved cleaning, completing standard household tasks, or even tackling yard work, they would finish them: A) without having to be reminded, B) without a fuss, and C) without needing to be bribed. Unfortunately, as this Arlington Heights maid service will attest, it is not a perfect world, and you will need to resort to certain measures in order to get your kids to do their tasks. Here are five ideas that just might motivate them:

Offer an allowance

This really only works if your child is old enough to understand the meaning of money, and is patient enough to save their allowance for something that he or she wants. The amount of the allowance is up to you, and it depends largely on two things – your budget and the age of your child. A weekly or monthly allowance in exchange for doing chores can be a great motivating factor.

Consider a “bribe” of a new toy

Younger kids will enjoy this much more than older ones. Tell them that if they complete a certain number of tasks, then they will receive something that they have been wanting. The size, and obviously, the price, of the toy can correlate to the amount of chores that need to be completed. For example, a small toy that’s in the $10 range can be earned within two weeks, while a larger, more expensive toy may take a few months to earn.

Make it a game

There are several ways to turn cleaning into a game. For example, you can set a kitchen timer for five or ten minutes and see how many toys your kid can pick up and put away in that time span. This works best for younger kids (those under the age of five) who are putting away soft, non-breakable toys like stuffed animals. Otherwise, you might end up with a bigger mess on your hands than you started with! (And if this happens, you may have to call your maid service in Arlington Heights.) Other games can include counting the number of times that something is put away in a given week, and seeing how much time it takes to put things away.

Set a goal of a trip or getaway

If your child really wants to go to Disney World, then offering the trip as a “reward” for doing so many months’ worth of chores is a great motivation. Of course, these trips can be much smaller, depending on your budget and your child’s interests. Day trips to a family fun park, an amusement park, an arcade, a bowling alley, batting cages or mini-golf course, or even an outing to a movie theater are things that can be offered in exchange for completing a set number of chores.

Prove responsibility and get a coveted pet

It seems like every child wants a dog at some point; it’s practically a childhood rite of passage. However, kids need to prove that they are responsible enough to take care of that pet before they can go to the local shelter and pick one out. This responsibility is shown through successfully completing tasks. Most kids don’t realize how much is involved in caring for a dog – it needs to be walked, picked up after, fed, watered, brushed and bathed. Once your kid has shown that he or she can handle this, then that coveted pet has been “earned.”

No matter which method you choose (although can choose to do them all at one point or another), you will need to keep track of the chores that your kid has to complete, as well as the ones that have been completed. Several ways to do this include setting up a dry erase board, a large piece of poster board, a cork board, a chalkboard or a large, colorful printed list on a clipboard. Every time your child completes a chore, place a checkbox or a colorful sticker next to or underneath it on the board. Once that board or sheet of paper is filled in, then the work for that week or month is done.

A few words of warning, however – although you may be tempted, don’t resort to yelling and nagging. These will just make it less likely that your child will complete his or her tasks. The entire point of cleaning-based tasks, or any household chores for that matter, is to teach your kid to have a sense of responsibility and a good work ethic. This is will pay off in the future. That is less likely to happen when you yell, because they will begin to resist – and then resent – having to do their chores. In short, take the advice of this house cleaning service Arlington Heights and try these motivational techniques!

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