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Cleaning Technician Vs. Maids

When you call up an maid services Arlington Heights and inquire about their services, do you know if they are going to send out a cleaning technician, or a maid? Believe it or not, those two are not interchangeable, and there is quite a difference between them. Look at… Read More

Chicago House Maid Services for Seniors

While there are a number of reasons as to why people hire a house maid service in Chicago, a lack of mobility is one of the most popular. Many times people, especially senior citizens, have problems cleaning their homes. Due to the inability to maneuver vacuums and other… Read More

How Cleaning Chemicals Enter The Human Body

Most people don’t think about the consequences of cleaning chemicals. Either they hire a Chicago Maid Service to clean for them without inquiring about the methods that they use, or, if they clean their homes themselves, they try to get it done as fast as possible. Read More

Top Three Risks of Hiring A Private Maid

Many people think that hiring a private maid is better than hiring a maid service in Chicago. Sure, you do have a little more control over the person that cleans your home, since you will be hiring her personally, but that is about the only advantage. In fact, you’ll… Read More

DI Water – A Fantastic General Cleaner

One of the most effective cleaners that is used here at Fresh Tech Maid is Deionized Water (DI Water). This is an effective medium duty general cleaner that is excellent for home cleaning. The best part is that it does not use any chemicals.  Fresh Tech Maid, a… Read More

The Top Two Reasons Why Maid Service Technicians Quit

We have previously discussed maid service technician turnover in general, but the many reasons as to why technicians quit working for maid services can generally be broken down into two groups. The first of these involves the physical nature of the work, while the second is the clients themselves. While… Read More

The Guide To Tipping Your Evanston Maid

How Much To Tip House Cleaners Do you tip house cleaners? Many different service professionals receive tips. Waiters and waitresses, hair stylists, delivery people and paperboys (or paper girls) are among those on the list. But is it okay to tip your Evanston maid service technician? Of course it… Read More

Green Cleaners Chicago Vs. Chemical Free Cleaning

Many people believe that green cleaners Chicago and chemical free cleaning are the same. This is mostly due to the fact that many environmentally friendly things are low on manufactured chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients. However, this is not true. The two are quite different in the maid service world… Read More

How to Keep Your Home Secure But Accessible to Your Maid

Security is important. It’s the reason why there are numerous types of security systems available, some with tiny digital cameras and live feeds. You want to keep your home secure. You don’t want something happening to your home or your belongings while you’re at work, out running errands, or taking… Read More

7 Dirty Little Secrets House Cleaning Providers Won’t Tell You

If an industry is well developed professionally, there should be no secrets that keep customers in the dark. Domestic cleaners have not yet reached such a level of professionalism. Hence, there are some dirty little secrets some maid services in Chicago hope you will never find out. Today, for… Read More