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Oven Cleaning Made Quick and Easy

There are several places in your house that are tricky to clean. Thankfully, your Arlington Heights maid service technician knows a few ways in which to clean those areas. If they fall outside of the scope of a normal clean, she may instruct you on how to clean them yourself. Read More

5 Ways to Find House Cleaners Near Me (DONE)

From Googling to word of mouth, there are so many ways to find a good house cleaner in your area. Maid services Chicago are plentiful however finding the right one for you and one that is close to your home can be difficult.   Listen to What Others Have… Read More

How to Clean Your Front Door

Whether you’re doing a deep clean or cleaning up after bad weather, cleaning your door can be a chore. Cleaning it properly can be difficult so we at Fresh Tech Maid, #1 Maid Service Evanston are here to tell you step by step how to clean your front door. Read More

The Untold Truths of House Cleaning Rates

It is no secret that the house cleaning rates vary massively from company to company. All maid services Chicago have different morals and core values, each reflecting on their prices. From the quality of their cleaning technicians, the hiring process and the excellence of training, the entire way the company… Read More

How To Clean Your Blinds in 6 Easy Steps

Looking to get your blinds fresh and ready?! We at Fresh Tech Maid, the best cleaning service in Chicago are going to share our 6 step process of cleaning your blinds and get your home looking fresh and clean in no time. What You Need: De-ionized water – to… Read More

How to Find House Cleaning Services Near Me For The Whole Family

Finding the right house cleaning services near me can be a difficult process. There are so many cleaning services out there to choose from, and it is actually a rather high-stakes decision as you are trusting strangers with your home and belongings. At Fresh Tech Maid, we understand this important… Read More

8 Practical Gift Ideas Perfect For Anyone!

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be a pretty difficult time as well! You have so many amazing family members and friends that you want to give gifts to. Although, some people can be pretty tough to buy presents for! Like the… Read More

The FREE 2019 Holiday Planning Ebook You Must Read!

The holiday season has come and Fresh Tech Maid, the top maid service in Chicago, is bringing you an early present! Click below to download a free ebook that has one fun thing to do every day for the month of December! This month isn’t just about gifts, it’s… Read More

Post Thanksgiving Clean Up Hacks!

Thanksgiving has come to an end and all of the family has returned to their homes. The only problem is, they left you with the mess! The dishes are piled up, the dinner table is covered in crumbs, and you’re already tired after having to plan the whole thing! This… Read More

The Ultimate Hack To The Best Holiday Season!

When it comes to the holiday season, we are all so busy! Whether it’s planning a Thanksgiving dinner, buying christmas presents, or experiencing all of the seasonal events Chicago has to offer, it can be a hassle to fit everything in! There are many things you can do to help… Read More