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So many people ask me, how did a guy from Beijing, China, with an MBA from the Wharton School, end up owning a Chicago house cleaning services? I chuckle every time I’m asked because I think of all my classmates who are working in pinstripe suits on Wall Street or are now big powerful lawyers in gigantic corporations, and I simply smile.

I am Wells Ye, the owner of Fresh Tech Maid I have an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. I founded the company in 2009, in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Yet, my company has grown dramatically. I would like to share with you our story.

I grew up in Beijing, China. Before Fresh Tech Maid, I managed Sears Holdings’ $700 million service contract portfolio for 5 years with outstanding results. Even though well compensated in Corporate America, I was very unfulfilled. I am looking for oxygen, creativity, strong sense of service, and value creation. My entrepreneur bug, clearly expressed in my application to the Wharton School, has been burning still.

As the elder child of two siblings, I have always excelled at servicing others. I took care of my little sister very well. I was a great cook and even cooked dinners for my parents in my early 20s. I taught Tai Chi, free of charge, for many years wherever I lived. I knew that I wanted to start a service business that created strong value for clients and the community. I saw an opportunity in house cleaning services, to provide superb and consistent service quality and promote a healthy home environment.

That is how Fresh Tech Maid was born. Now, the company has become the leader in Chicago house cleaning services and Chicago maid service. Fresh Tech Maid was voted the Best House Cleaning Service and Maid Service in Chicago, Arlington Heights, and Evanston. The company has provided nearly 500 free cleanings for women with cancer and families with critical illed children.

I also started my “House Cleaning Service Pricing” blog to discuss the #1 issue in our industry – how the industry create value and how much clients should pay. I am happy to discuss the truths and along the way, educate consumers about the maid service industry.

I welcome your comments on my blogs.