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Terms Of Service For Barter Clients

1. Fresh Tech Maids require all barter clients to agree additional terms specified in this document. Barter clients must also agree with the standard Terms of Service.
2. Barter customers will also have a fixed schedule. Your home will always be cleaned by a certified home cleaning technician of Fresh Tech Maid. However, although we will strive to provide the same technician, it is likely that different technicians will clean your home due to the special backup role for the primary technician. If we have staffing shortages, cash customers have higher priority. So, please
understand that sometimes we will need to modify your schedule on short notice. We would like to minimize this kind of changes. However, this kind of adjustments will happen. We always strive to service all customers with highest standard.
3. If there is an emergency in our operations, which normally happens infrequently, your cleaning maybe rescheduled on short notice. We will provide alternatives to minimize the inconvenience. We will do our best to ensure your normal cleaning frequency.
4. Barter clients must be available to review the cleaning results at the end of the cleaning. If the results are approved by the clients or if the client is not available to review the results, further complaints that require re-cleaning will not be honored.
5. The quality of our cleaning will not be compromised in any case. We will stand behind our standard cleaning quality, in spite of the above special arrangements.
6. If we can not access your home upon arrival as agreed, then Fresh Tech Maid will charge the full quoted price for the cleaning.
By signing up for our services through the barter, you are agreeing to these terms of service.