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There are so many maid service Arlington Heights available for people. While there are several factors that may come to mind when choosing a cleaning service: Debating whether to use a company with employees or independent contractors, price, arrival range, and number of workers. A hugely important factor that tends to be overlooked is the tools that the companies use. Your family’s health depends on it! Today we will discuss non toxic cleaning products and why using chemicals is extremely harmful for your family, and why you need to make the switch like so many others.

The History

Before WWII, we mostly used natural products however after the war, industries grew creating chemical products. Billions of dollars were invested into advertising these products and as a result, consumers thought that this was the most efficient way to sanitize. We have been brainwashed to think that the smell of chemicals means sanitized when in fact, this is not the case.

Why Do Best Cleaning Services In Arlington Heights Use Non Toxic Cleaning Products?

no toxic cleaning products

The difference between non toxic cleaning products and other general products is that there are no toxic residuals left on your surfaces or released into the air. As a result, there is no degradation in the indoor air quality and you have no chemicals absorbed into your body unlike general products. The average number of the products that a US home has is 63.

A lot of these products have been linked to scientific studies of particular immune system disorders, cancer and asthma. People of lowered immune systems, pregnant women, young children and pets should avoid cleaning chemicals, as they are more vulnerable and they can cause even more harm. You can ingest these chemicals causing risk to your body in several ways. These include through your pores on your skin, inhaling them or through your mouth, and can be ingested through the skin as you touch surfaces around your home. If a room in your home is not getting enough ventilation, then you may not even know you are ingesting them and they are harming your body. You may ingest the chemicals through your mouth, something that children are more prone to and at most risk to. Why would you want to use these products when they cause such harm on your health and the environment?

Your health is a huge factor; however, the best maid service in n Arlington Heights use non toxic cleaning products for your safety, as well as the earth too. As chemicals leave a residue after you use them, they leave so much chemical waste behind them which is almost impossible to break down. This is a huge problem, especially in Illinois. According to ‘Swalco’, The solid waste agency of Lake County, Illinois, the waste that goes down our household toilets and drains end up in our sewage treatment plants and can eventually negatively impact wildlife, fish and our terrain. Chemicals that end up in our landfill system may transfer into the soil and pollute the surrounding waters.  With our way, there is no waste left behind and no dangerous and carcinogenic waste released into the air.

How Does It Work?

There are several products that work very effectively. Deionized water is a cleaning fluid. This is water in its purest form without any mineral contaminants. It is a ‘hungry’ fluid which attracts microorganisms and soil as well as dissolving them. What’s best is water is its only residual. This makes it so healthy for your family. When you use chemicals to tidy up, it leaves a dangerous layer of chemicals on surfaces and in the air. When ingested, this can severely affect your health, especially for those who I have mentioned before who are at risk.  Using deionized water with a microfiber cloth is a very effective duo, which makes a great sanitizer. Microfiber cloths trap dirt well as they are composed of tiny wedge hooks and loop- shaped fibers. When wiping a surface, they catch dirt and dust. They have been proven to remove 99% of bacteria whereas a cotton cloth would only reduce the number of bacteria by 33%.

non toxic cleaning products

That’s the science behind it, however there are several other ways to use these fluids. Agitation and heat are effective ways to sanitize the home. Heating water above boiling (212 degrees Fahrenheit) and using the steam it creates, is a effective way to sanitize surfaces. It loosens dirt, grime, grease and dust from any surface as it breaks down bonds between the dirt particles. Not only that, but it helps to weaken the molecular bonds, so the dirt is easier to remove. It disinfects while leaving no residues behind while completely sterilizing the surface it was in contact with. Of course, don’t forget you can’t use this on electrical surfaces!

Prove it!

Wells Ye, the CEO of Fresh Tech Maid, one of the best cleaning services Arlington Heights proved how effective this way is LIVE on Fox Tv. The science can be seen on the segment, it shows amazing results! We reduce the germ count of the surface from 250 to 3- an ultra-clean and surface just from using our trusted deionized water and a microfiber cloth. Fresh Tech Maid has also been featured on both regional and national media networks. Some of the outlets included WGN9, ABC, The Daily Herald and more!

Not only is this way appreciated by these companies, we measure the quality of it through our client satisfaction. We have hundreds of reviews on Yelp, Google, BBB, and Facebook explaining how our maid service and the way sanitize changed their lives. Their homes are left sparkling when we leave! We can judge how clean a home is by the dust level, soil residue, lack of shine on surfaces and odor. After using chemical free cleaning, you can tell how truly effective it really is.

Why harm the earth and yourself by using chemicals to clean? Each cleaning lady at Fresh Tech Maid uses this chemical free cleaning approach so you and your family can live long, healthier lives. Book a cleaning today!BOOK A CLEANING



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