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Trying to find the best cleaning service in Chicago can be difficult- there are so many options! Understanding what makes a maid service stand out can ensure you get the right service for you and the best one possible. Knowing the right questions to ask can sort out who is in fact the best in Chicago. We all want the right bang for our buck right?  Rather than hearing the cheapest price and signing on the dotted line- consider the company and how they run their business. Booking the right service will change your life- remove the unwanted stress and let you focus on YOU. Booking the wrong one on the other hand will cost you money, and more importantly your time. Just ask these questions and you’ll be OK..

How Do You Charge?

Happy woman Ah, one of the most important questions- “What’s the price?”. Of course, you want to get the most value for money and the best deal possible but unfortunately the quality of a service equates to the price. Be aware of super low prices, you may pay a low price initially but will pay for it later through poor quality and managing complaints. This not only wastes your money but wastes your precious time too.

One question to ask is how their pricing works. Most companies charge an hourly rate x man hours needed for the job but each company’s hourly rate and calculation of man hours varies. The quote that a company gives you will always be an estimate. Until a trained technician starts the job, they will be unable to tell how long the task will take exactly. This is due to undetermined factors at the time of the quote such as the level of dirt in the home as well as the size of the home. You need to be aware of the process that will happen if your home needs more time. Is there a customer service representative managing the cleaning who will call you and let you know?

How are your staff trained?

A huge question which really highlights the best cleaning services on the market is the question ‘are your staff employees or independent contractors?’. This major indicator is so important for several reasons from the beginning. When companies are looking for staff, those who invest into hiring and training care. A huge reason you should not use a company with independent contractors is that they are not trained up to standard. US labor law prohibits cleaning companies to train and direct independent contractors. Therefore, the staff are not trained to the highest standard and they are not all at the same standard. If the company sends a new technician to your home, they may not clean as well as the previous one, why take that risk? No matter what cleaning technician that helps you- they will clean to a much higher standard and with more ownership and integrity.

Can I be guaranteed the same cleaner every time?

The house cleaning industry has the highest turnover rate among all industries. Yet, many maid services still guarantee the same cleaner. Due to turnover, attrition, sick days, and vacation, there is no way a company can guarantee the same technician every time. If the answer is yes, then they are lying to you. The honest answer would be to maintain the same technician as long as possible, without guarantee. If they tell you that it is possible, it is a sales tactic- why trust a dishonest company?

What if something goes wrong?

Cheaper prices often reflect that the company or a private maid is not bonded and insured and ultimately end up costing you more. Would you be better off choosing a maid service that charges more, but is more reliable, sends properly trained technicians, and is fully insured? The answer is YES. If something goes wrong in your home and your maid for Chicago is injured or falls ill, it is your responsibility. At Fresh Tech Maid our technicians go through a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure we have the best staff in the industry. We are bonded and insured for your piece of mind. If anything goes wrong- it’s on us. The price is not your real cost. Your time and health is!

If something goes wrong, the client service level is tested. This can be a huge measurement and often one of the most obvious indicators of the quality of a service. Look at the promises they made you, did they live up to your expectations? Was their sales pitch a true reflection on the service? If something went wrong, how long did it take them to respond and ultimately resolve the issue?

Who are your cleaning technicians?

You may be happy to hear a low price- but in the industry that’s the catch. The cheapest house cleaning services are cheaper for one reason: they use independent contractors and pay them low too. You need to ensure the technicians entering your home are employees of the company. You need to double check- many low priced hous services provide independent contractors to clean your home but sometimes more higher priced companies do too and as discussed before, they WON’T be bonded and insured. Hiring independent contractors is the easy way out but is not beneficial for the customer at all. If a company hires their own staff, they carry out background checks, drug testing, work history as well as implement a training plan. Companies that hire independent contractors may have not even met them before.. Would you trust a stranger in your home? Fresh Tech Maid hire less than 1% of applicants that we receive because we want to ensure that successful and passionate technicians enter your home.

Are there any discounts for regular service?

An initial price may be high for various reasons- the company has never been in your home before, so they don’t know an accurate cleaning time/ price and they are unsure of how clean your home is. If you require a cleaning on a regular basis, there should be a discount. Once a company cleans your home, they will have done a deeper clean and if they come on a biweekly basis the level of work won’t be as much. They will be working to clean and maintain a level of perfection in your home. You work hard enough day to day- you need to find a service who you trust to give you the most value. Here at Fresh Tech Maid we give a monthly discount of 15%, a bi-weekly discount of 20% and a weekly account of 25%.


What is your average time of arrival?

When using a service, it should not affect your day. You should not feel tied down, waiting around for the service to arrive. While everyone may require a service for different reasons, ultimately you want to relieve stress and spend time on YOU. Your precious time should not be wasted. Waiting around for a maid service Chicago defeats the purpose of one in the first place. At Fresh Tech Maid we provide a one-hour arrival time- with the aim of arriving for the beginning of the hour. We give an hour arrival range to accommodate for emergencies and for your convenience. Spend time on what matters most.

Do you use chemical free cleaning?


Some cleaning chemicals can make your home really shine, but, chemicals are still on the surfaces. You won’t see dirt and grime, but you also won’t see toxic chemicals. What you cannot see can still hurt you and your family’s health. Many maid services Chicago use harsh chemicals when they don’t need to. Ask the company if they do chemical free cleaning! Chemical free leaves no carcinogenic or toxic residue on your home surfaces and doesn’t degrade the air quality inside your home in comparison to using chemicals. On top of that, there is no chemical waste involved which is essential for the health of you, your family, your pets and the earth. Even ‘green’ products can be detrimental for your health. Our CEO Wells Ye proved live on Fox TV that chemical free cleaning is an extremely effective way to clean your home ensuring the surfaces had a germ count of zero. Our maid for Chicago provides chemical free cleaning- striving to make your home healthier and happier.

What happens after the cleaning?

Having a great first cleaning is one thing- but what now? Knowing that there was customer support every step of the way is essential when looking for the best service. A maid service that looks for your feedback- both good and bad. Seeking both positive and negative feedback ensures a specifically tailored to you and it shows that they are willing to grow and progress as a house cleaning company. The follow up is just as important as the initial. Pay close attention to the quality of the cleanings after a while, the quality of many services tend to slip over time. Here at Fresh Tech Maid we have a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee. Creating happy homes all over Chicago.

Is there anything we missed? What are your top tips in finding the best cleaning service Chicago?


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