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With so many maid services in Evanston, there is so much choice and you may find it difficult to choose the right one for you. Whatever your need for a cleaning company, we will ensure you find the best by asking hard hitting questions which you may not even know about. Looking at certain aspects of a company can not only save you time and money in the long run, but can provide you with the company you deserve. It’s not all about the cost, when you hear a cheap quote don’t jump for joy, instead stop and evaluate what really matters. Fresh Tech Maid is proud to offer you this resource to use when looking for a cleaning service Evanston.

Do you Hire Employees or Independent Contractors?

Asking a company who will be doing your home is an essential question to ask. As they will be around your home you deserve to know if they are employees of the company or independent contractors because there is a huge difference. Employees are those who are directly hired by the company, those who apply for the job, who are trained, and background checked by the company. Independent contractors are outsourced to complete the job providing the service which is managed by a contract between the company and the contractor. When looking for a cleaning service Evanston you want a company that hires their employees directly.

Companies that invest into employees care about you as a customer. It costs more for them, much more in fact but it shows that your safety is their top priority. Hiring employees ensures they all go through a rigorous hiring process- making sure they are background checked and screened. Independent contractors on the other hand could be anyone. They are generally not licensed, bonded or insured, which means if anything goes wrong it’s on you. Why would you want to take that risk?

What Products Do They Use?

It is a common misconception that chemicals are the best way to disinfect your home. We have been fed this idea for years, since World War 2 in fact. Before this time, the most common use was natural products to disinfect, however afterwards a huge industry grew for chemical products and that is where it all began. Billions of dollars were pumped into advertising these products and as a result, consumers were under the impression that this was the most efficient way to disinfect. We have been brainwashed to think that the strong smell of chemicals means germ free.

You may be impressed by the shine of your countertops but the chemicals that are left on the surfaces are extremely toxic for your health. Why put your family and pets at risk? The average US home contains approximately 63 unsafe chemicals. They can be of extreme harm to so many people. Anyone with a lowered immune system is at risk, as well as people with asthma, cancer, the elderly and pregnant women.

You can ingest these dangerous products so easily. The first way is ingesting them through the skin. As you touch surfaces around your home after tidying it, they can be ingested through your pores. Another way you can ingest them is through inhalation. This is extremely dangerous as you may not even know you’re doing it. You may not be aware of the chemicals in the air around you, especially if your home doesn’t have very good ventilation. The third way of ingesting is through the mouth, this is extremely harmful for children and pets as they are closer to surfaces.

Not only do they bring harm you and your family, but they harm the earth too. When you use chemicals, they leave behind a dangerous residue. This residue is a toxic waste which cannot be broken down. They affect the earth as waste that goes to our landfill system may transfer into the soil and pollute nearby water. Waste that goes down the toilet and down our drains ends up in a sewage treatment plant and in turn negatively impact land, and wildlife.

Chemical free however is an extremely effective way of removing bacteria and grime from your home. It leaves no carcinogenic or toxic residue on your surfaces and doesn’t degrade the air quality in your home. As well as that, there is no waste which is extremely beneficial to the earth and as a result, your children’s future. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘prove it’! Our CEO Wells Ye prove how effective it really is, LIVE on FOX 32. After using these methods, the germ count of the surface was zero. The aim is to make your home happier and healthier.

Communication is Key with the Best Cleaning Service Evanston

From start to finish, there should be constant communication with your maid service Evanston. Having staff at the end of the line is essential to a good experience. Before the job, they should ask questions in order to exactly fit your needs. They should give you all of the information about the service, the estimated price, when your maid will arrive, what products they use and how you can prepare for your maid. For Fresh Tech Maid, when conducting a cleaning service Evanston we believe in over communication.

Cleaning Service Evanston

Being transparent with the price is a huge factor as so many companies give you a low price in order to pull the wool over your eyes. They should be clear about how they calculate it and that it is always going to be an estimate if they have never been in your home before. Beware of very low quotes from the cleaning company, if they give you a low quote then they are cutting costs somewhere along the line.

Either they are using independent contractors, a dangerous fate for you as a consumer, or they will have extremely bad management as they do not hire anyone to carry out that job, they have to be cutting costs somewhere. Each scenario will end badly for you. Cleaning takes time and companies may do several things in order to get into your home and then charge you more or leave the job half done!

The best cleaning service Evanston makes sure you have a quality experience all the way through. They should have a short arrival time. This ensures you make the most of your day. Having a very short arrival window of about an hour is essential for you to go about and do your daily tasks and not worrying about when they will arrive. They should check in during the job to see how they are getting on and request for more time. if necessary Constant communication throughout the job will ensure it all goes to plan. Open communication with both the office and the maid will we are more likely to fulfill your expectations.

A sign of a really good cleaning service Evanston is that afterwards they request for feedback, both positive and negative. It shows they truly care about you as a customer, they want to build a relationship with you and that they want to grow as a company. Understanding that humans make mistakes, the best companies want to hear what they did both good and bad. Seeking both positive and negative feedback enables a company to grow and constantly improve for the technician and the company alike.

Walking through the home when the technician is finished is a really good way to communicate with your technician. Highlighting both the good and bad aspects of the job will enable the technician to improve and show where they can get better. We all make mistakes, it is normal for them to miss one or two things in your home. The best cleaning service Evanston is a process from start to finish, ultimately ensuring that you are WOWed from start to finish and fully optimizes your jobs for the future.

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