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Wondering How To Tip Cleaners Fairly?

How To Tip Cleaners Do you tip house cleaners? Are you wondering how to tip cleaners? Many different service professionals receive tips. Waiters and waitresses, hair stylists, delivery people and paperboys (or paper girls) are among those on the list. But is it okay to tip your maid… Read More

How to Keep Your Home Secure But Accessible to Your Maid

Security is important. It’s the reason why there are numerous types of security systems available, some with tiny digital cameras and live feeds. You want to keep your home secure. You don’t want something happening to your home or your belongings while you’re at work, out running errands, or taking… Read More

7 Dirty Little Secrets House Cleaning Providers Won’t Tell You

If an industry is well developed professionally, there should be no secrets that keep customers in the dark. Domestic cleaners have not yet reached such a level of professionalism. Hence, there are some dirty little secrets some maid services in Chicago hope you will never find out. Today, for… Read More

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