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10 Mouthwatering Fall Recipes

The smell of burning leaves, carved pumpkins, roasting turkey, and more! Fall brings so many amazing things to do and see, but the best thing about fall is the RECIPES! Whether it’s the pumpkin and apple flavored desserts or a tasty stew, Fall has some of the most delicious recipes. Read More

8 Natural Ways To Get Flu and Head Cold Relief

If no one likes being sick, then why is it so hard to find head cold relief? There are so many medications you can take, but certain ones have so many drawbacks! You don’t want to feel drowsy when driving and you don’t want to give your young child the… Read More

How to Clean Your Cell Phone

Did you know how dirty your cell phone really is? According to ‘State Food Safety’, your cell phone has approximately 25,107 bacteria per square inch, that’s three times more per square inch than a dirty doorknob! Fresh Tech Maid have come up with a 4 step process on how to… Read More

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