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How Many People will Clean my Home?

February 23, 2017

We provide solo technician cleaning. We actually started with team cleaning and decided to change to solo cleaning to better serve our clients. Why does solo cleaning mean better service?

  1. The Technician You Know and Trust: All our certified cleaning technicians have passed a rigid screening & hiring process because we never take chances with “marginal” employees like others do. We know that our foundation between you and Fresh Tech Maids is trust. Every day, we work our hardest to earn your trust!
  2. Not in a Hurry and It Shows: A solo technician only cleans two homes per day. She is not in a hurry. We invest our most precious resource, time, in every home, every day. Solo technician also ensures greater ownership, personal attention and accountability for the quality and care of our cleaning.
  3. On Time Arrival: a solo technician will arrive on time, as she only cleans two homes a day. A team needs to travel 4 to 7 homes per day and more likely to be late due to the uncertainty of much longer travel.
  4. Consistent Quality: With only one certified technician entering your home she will know your home and your preferences so well that she will provide you the consistent quality every time. Guaranteed!


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