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Questions about Cleaning Products

February 23, 2017

What Supplies Do We Use?

Fresh Tech Maid certified cleaning technicians are equipped with safe, family and pet friendly supplies at no extra charge to you. We highly recommend that our technician to use your vacuum to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination. In addition, please specify where your two step ladder is located at your home, if you want our cleaning technician to use ladder for your cleaning. Please let us know if you would like to provide your own special supplies by adding a note to your account after you book.


Chemical-Free Cleaning

Fresh Tech Maid specialize in chemical free house cleaning which is cleaner, healthier, and safer for your family and pets. For repeat services, we often can eliminate your exposure to harmful chemicals by at least 95%. In the meantime, cleaning quality is enhanced instead of compromised due to chemical free cleaning.


Is Chemical-Free Cleaning the Same as Green Cleaning?

They are different. Green cleaning is chemical-based cleaning with friendlier chemicals. Chemical-free cleaning minimizes chemical use and reduces cleaning chemicals by 95% to 100% for regular cleaning.

The 3 Key Advantages of Chemical-free Cleaning vs. green cleaning are:
  1. No Airborne Toxins – safer cleaning. All cleaning chemicals, including green cleaning chemicals, have chemical reactions with soils on the surface to be cleaned. The chemical reaction helps detach the soils from the surface, but it also creates airborne toxins. Chemical-free home cleaning does not use chemical reaction as the mechanism for detaching surface soils. Thus, no airborne toxins are emitted.
  2. No Chemical Residues – healthier cleaning. Chemical-based cleaning leaves visible and invisible chemical residues on surfaces. These cleaning chemicals and chemical by-products remain in the home environment, meaning more health risks for kids, pets and everyone else. Chemical-free cleaning leaves nothing toxic behind.
  3. No Promotion of Germ Growth – cleaner cleaning. Green cleaning utilizes the friendliest chemicals to organisms and humans to minimize the negative impact. The residues from green cleaners are so organic and friendly to bacteria that they may actually provide a rich food source for them, encouraging the growth of the very microorganisms we are trying to eliminate and control. Chemical-free house cleaning does not provide any opportunity for bacteria to feed.


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