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What is Chemical Free House Cleaning?

Many of the most popular cleaning solutions contain a number of different chemicals. For example, some contain phthalates, as they cause the solutions to bubble and form a lather, which people associate with cleanliness. The same is true for the scents of certain products – over time the public has… Read More

Sandwich Generation Cleaning Service

Have you heard of the sandwich generation? These are the people who are caring for both their own children, as well as their aging parents. Though this situation is not uncommon, it is a very stressful position for someone to try to manage all alone. Caring for children is difficult… Read More

How Can I Get My Kids to Do Cleaning Chores?

In a perfect world, your kids would do their cleaning chores every week. Whether their chores involved cleaning, completing standard household tasks, or even tackling yard work, they would finish them: A) without having to be reminded, B) without a fuss, and C) without needing to be bribed. Unfortunately, as… Read More

How to Keep Sororities Clean, Organized and Healthy

Do you struggle keeping your sorority house clean? With all the people in the house it is easy to get overwhelmed by the mess. We at Fresh Tech Maid, #1 Maid Service Chicago clean sororities all the time and we will give you the top tips on how to… Read More

What are the Dirtiest Areas of the Home?

Dirt and grime can get built up in areas where you least expect it. Different areas of the home can get dirtier than others for different reasons. We at Fresh Tech Maid, the best cleaning service Arlington Heights are here to expose them and bring these areas of the… Read More

How to Tidy a Messy Home

Most of us have had the experience of standing in the middle of a messy, dirty, cluttered room and thought that there was no way we would be able to clean it up. There was just too much to do! This feeling may be more familiar if you… Read More

Closet Organization Tips

Closets can be tricky to organize. They have limited space, some much smaller than others, that need to hold a lot of items in a way that makes it easy to access them all. Ask the best cleaning service Chicago about the best way to organize a closet and you… Read More

Best Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar Around Your Home

Apple cider vinegar has a variety of uses and has been used as a home remedy for years. It is has been most commonly known for it’s health benefits and has become an epidemic over the last few years. From varicose veins to a sore throat, the natural remedy… Read More

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Though general spring cleaning tips are great, sometimes the tougher rooms require a little extra love and attention! Fresh Tech Maid, top rated house cleaning Chicago offers a variety of tips for cleaning all rooms of the house on his website, but in this blog he shares his top suggestions… Read More

The Dangers of Bleach From Expert Green Cleaners

Bleach is considered a cleaning staple in some homes around the US. In reality, bleach can be extremely dangerous for your family members. We at Fresh Tech Maid are experts in chemical free cleaning. We are a maid service located in Chicago and the north west suburbs which has been… Read More