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Senior House Cleaning Service – The Right One!

Do you want to know more about choosing a senior maid service Chicago? Seniors need more help than anyone when it comes to keeping the house clean and tidy. Since mobility becomes more limited with age, it is harder for seniors to reach high places to dust or get… Read More

Spring Cleaning Fun with the Family

Spring Cleaning is not something that you have to do all by yourself. Make this day of chores into a fun-filled day of family bonding! Wells Ye, Founder of Fresh Teach Maid, an award-winning maid service Chicago, shares some tips on how to make spring cleaning an enjoyable… Read More

Messy room? Show us to win a 4-hour cleaning by the top house cleaning service in Chicago!

Who would have ever thought you could get rewarded for having a messy room? Now you have a chance! What’s not to love? We’re Fresh Tech Maid, a leading house cleaning service in Chicago, and we’re looking for the messiest rooms in the area. Enter our “Love Your… Read More

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring is right around the corner and the fresh air presents the perfect time for renewal. As the days grow longer, the increased exposure to sunlight revives energy lost within the dark winter months. Now is the time to open the windows and thoroughly rid your home of the mess… Read More

How to get stains out of Your Carpet

Nothing can spoil the appearance of a beautiful carpet like an unsightly stain. Furthermore, there are a number of different stains that you may have to contend with over the life of that carpeting. However, this house cleaning Chicago have a few tips.  There are a number of ways… Read More

The Best Pay and the Most Respect Our House Cleaners Deserve!

Sick and tired of breaking your back cleaning houses for terrible pay, awful hours and zero respect from your employers? Then it’s time to make a change. Fresh Tech Maids is looking for qualified applicants for the position of House Cleaners, and we are the top company in the industry… Read More

Our Residential Cleaners Are True Client Service Professionals

At Fresh Tech Maids, we offer the highest level of customer service in the industry, and we expect each residential cleaner that we employ to hold themselves to these lofty standards. Our chemical free cleaning standards are high, and we aim to be the best part of our clients’ day. Read More

The Sky Is the Limit – Potential for Growth for our Cleaning Professionals

Here at Fresh Tech Maids, we don’t just hire the best team of cleaning professionals in the industry, we create them. We offer the best growth potential in the business, with unheard of opportunities for advancement. Dream of owning a company and being your own boss? If you’ve got the… Read More

Contract Workers in Chicago Maid Service Industry: Who Loses and Who Gains?

Contract workers appear in many different fields throughout the country. They include writers, construction workers, and even Chicago maid service employees. However, it is important to know the differences between a contract worker and a full employee before you can determine which is better. Here is… Read More

Chores for Grade School-Aged Children

Unlike younger kids, those who are six or seven-years-old will need less supervision and can handle increasingly complicated tasks. If you first started giving your kids chores when they were toddlers, by the time they reach the first or second grade, they will be used to having to do them,… Read More