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What’s Included in Our Maid Service?

Here at Fresh Tech Maid we provide a premium maid service in Chicago which will remove the hassle of cleaning from your life. Learn how to book a maid service online today and live a stress free life! Our professional maid will show up on time within an hour window to make your home spotless. Plus, you are only charged after your service. You can sit back and relax while we help you spend more time doing what you love and spend time with your family.
We at Fresh Tech Maid have one of the best reputations in the local housekeeping industries. Our reputation is next to none, we have between 4.7 and 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook as well as having stand out reviews on Angies List and Best Pick Reports. Our customers are wowed and thankful for the stand out service we provide them with.

Reasons Why You Need a Maid Service

You are not the REAL you when you work too much and dedicate all your time to your family and your career! Working full time can be draining enough. Why should you have to come home to waste more energy on keeping your house clean? Think about all the time you spend cleaning and how that could be channeled into something that you really want to do. Having someone to ease the load can relieve stress and help you live your life to the fullest.

You need to spend MORE precious time with your family: Running a family and keeping the kids in order is a full time job in itself. Between school runs, making lunches and soccer practice, there isn’t much time left in the day. The kids are your top priority, but trying to spend time with them, have time for yourself, and still have alone time with your partner can be a lot to juggle. Not to mention if you’re working as well. Your health is your wealth, and if you have too much on your plate that can cause unnecessary stress which could be avoided. Having a company take care of cleaning your home enables you to spent time with the ones you love the most.

You CARE! Take Responsibility for your Elderly Family Member and learn how to book a maid service in Chicago: Unfortunately as we age, the chore of cleaning and organizing can become very difficult. The task of cleaning is quite physical and putting your or your family’s health at risk to carry out the task is not worth it. A home that is messy and unorganized can be hazardous for a senior. Cluttered floors can result in falling and terrible injuries and not having clean surfaces can harbor bacteria and affect their already compromised health. Introducing a trusted cleaning service can ensure you have a piece of mind that they will be safe and lead a healthy life.

Your Don’t Compromise Your Health: Allergies can be a nightmare, especially during the Spring and Summer months. Dust can be a major cause of allergies and if you don’t keep on top of cleaning, it can cause flare ups and your health to be compromised. Another cause of allergies can be harsh chemicals that are used in cleaning products. Here at Fresh Tech Maid we use chemical free cleaning technology. We use our own specialized brand of deionized water to clean the homes that we work in without any harmful chemical products and often without any cleaning chemicals at all, except water of course. Deionized water is water in its purest form, free of mineral contaminants. It acts as a “hungry” cleaner by attracting and dissolving both microorganisms and soil. It is a powerful solvent, due to its unbalanced chemical makeup. Combining de-ionized water with a microfiber cloth is a great sanitizer, and again, it leaves only water as a residual- leaving a happy and healthier home.




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We love providing a beautifully clean home for our clients. After every clean we send them a quick one click review to see how we did! If you see a negative review, please know that our staff has reached out and fixed the issue as quickly as possible. Mostly though, you will see only glowing reviews. That’s how we create happiness, one home at a time.



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