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Sandwich Generation Cleaning Service

Have you heard of the sandwich generation? These are the people who are caring for both their own children, as well as their aging parents. Though this situation is not uncommon, it is a very stressful position for someone to try to manage all alone. Caring for children is difficult… Read More

Tried-and-True Cleaning Tips From One Generation to the Next!

There’s no doubt about it, cleaning tools and technology have come a long way in the past fifty to 100 years. Where would we be without the invention of the dishwasher, in-home laundry appliances, or vacuum cleaners? Unfortunately, along with all of these amazing advancements has come an… Read More

Advice from a House Cleaning Service Evanston: How to Properly Clean the Pillows on Your Bed

You may think that your pillow is safe from the dust and germs that are located throughout your house. After all, it’s covered in a pillowcase that gets laundered regularly, right? The truth of the matter is that while your house cleaning service Evanston cleans up many parts of… Read More

Bathroom Organization Made Easy

Bathrooms are notorious for their lack of space and potentially unsanitary conditions. This house cleaning service Evanston knows the best as we clean more than 10,000 bathrooms every year. These are the main reasons why the bathroom is one of the most important spaces for a house cleaning technician… Read More

Tipping Your Cleaner from House Cleaning Services in Evanston

Many different service professionals receive tips. Waiters and waitresses, hair stylists, delivery people and paperboys (or paper girls) are among those on the list. But is it okay to tip your house cleaning technician? Of course it is! However, this does not mean that many clients… Read More