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How To Find A Housekeeper You Can Trust

Finding a housekeeper can be a difficult task but the big question is ‘how to find a housekeeper you can trust’. With so many companies available and even more people willing to offer their services, it can be difficult to know where to start looking. No matter why you’re looking… Read More

Chores for Grade School-Aged Children

Unlike younger kids, those who are six or seven-years-old will need less supervision and can handle increasingly complicated tasks. If you first started giving your kids chores when they were toddlers, by the time they reach the first or second grade, they will be used to having to do them,… Read More

Why Don’t You Mop Floors on your Hands and Knees?

There are certain expectations that clients have of the maid services that they hire. Obviously, many of them expect the maid service Arlington Heights to clean their home properly and in an efficient manner. Few expect the technicians that arrive to wash their tile,… Read More

The Difference between Home Cleaning Technicians and House Cleaning Maids

When you call up an maid services Arlington Heights and inquire about their services, do you know if they are going to send out a house cleaning technician, or a house cleaning maid? Believe it or not, those two are not interchangeable, and there is quite a difference between… Read More