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4 Tips To Prepare for Spring Cleaning

Wondering how to best get started on your spring cleaning goals? Here are some tips from Wells Ye, owner and founder of Fresh Tech Maid Service Chicago, voted one of the best cleaning service Chicago. Prioritize Before jumping in without a plan, walk through your home and take note… Read More

How to Keep Sororities Clean, Organized and Healthy

Do you struggle keeping your sorority house clean? With all the people in the house it is easy to get overwhelmed by the mess. We at Fresh Tech Maid, #1 Maid Service Chicago clean sororities all the time and we will give you the top tips on how to… Read More

5 Shoe Organization Tips You NEED To Hear

When your closet is a mess, your life can be turned upside down. Fresh Tech Maid, #1 Maid Service Chicago are expert organizers and are here to tell you 5 shoe organization tips you need to hear. Step by step, organize your shoes to get the most wear out… Read More

How to Downsize Your Cleaning Bills

So, the youngest kid just moved out of home for college. Your home is quieter and emptier. Now is a great time to “downsize” your house cleaning bills as well. Here are our suggestions of how to downsize your cleaning bills from your maid service Chicago. Don’t bother with… Read More

How To Clean Your Concrete Garage Floor

There are many rooms and areas of your home that a maid service Chicago cleans, but the garage is not typically one of them. Garages tend to be cluttered spaces filled with vehicles, parts, tools, and other things that aren’t stored inside your home. Because of the amount of… Read More

How to Find The Right Maid for You

With so many companies on the market, it can be difficult to find the right maid service Chicago for you. Some companies offer solo cleaning, some offer weekly or monthly discounts- there is just so much choice. There’s a myriad of companies however in order to ween out the… Read More

Cleaning Service Communication: How to Get the Most Out of Your Relationship

Hiring a house cleaning service can be a life-changing experience, however it is so important for both you and your maid service Chicago to be on the same page about cleaning service communication. Otherwise, you could end up being dissatisfied with the quality of your service, while… Read More

Dorm Room Cleaning Made Simple and Easy

In just a month or two, young adults from across the country will be headed off to college. In many cases, this means living in the oh-so-glamorous dorms, in a tiny little room shared by one or more roommates. Living in a dorm hall is an experience unlike any other,… Read More

Senior House Cleaning Service – The Right One!

Do you want to know more about choosing a senior maid service Chicago? Seniors need more help than anyone when it comes to keeping the house clean and tidy. Since mobility becomes more limited with age, it is harder for seniors to reach high places to dust or get… Read More

Spring Cleaning Fun with the Family

Spring Cleaning is not something that you have to do all by yourself. Make this day of chores into a fun-filled day of family bonding! Wells Ye, Founder of Fresh Teach Maid, an award-winning maid service Chicago, shares some tips on how to make spring cleaning an enjoyable… Read More