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5 DIY Black Friday Organization Tips

Black Friday is approaching quickly and don’t forget about its digital equivalent, Cyber Monday! If you’re like me, you have your money ready and you’re already planning for all the great deals! Although, is your home really ready for all the new purchases and Christmas gifts? Fresh Tech Maid… Read More

Organizing Tip: Shoes

Organizing Your Shoes Who wouldn’t love to see their shoes all lined up? Put a picture of the shoe on the outside of the shoe box.  In this way, you will get out of your home sooner every morning, wearing exact the shoe you love!  More organizing tip to come… Read More

Organizing Tip For Jewelry

Your jewelry box is a mess?  Towels rods, hooks and S hooks can help!  They will keep your jewelry organized and easy to pick.  More organizing tips to come for jewelry Fresh Tech Maid. 5 Shoe Organization Tips You… Read More

Organizational Color Coding

Color-coding is a great way to get – and stay – organized. Many different things can be sorted by color, simply by using different shades of pens, markers, paper and other items. The most common use for this is for organizing day planners and calendars, although you can go beyond… Read More

How to Tidy a Messy Home

Most of us have had the experience of standing in the middle of a messy, dirty, cluttered room and thought that there was no way we would be able to clean it up. There was just too much to do! This feeling may be more familiar if you… Read More

Closet Organization Tips

Closets can be tricky to organize. They have limited space, some much smaller than others, that need to hold a lot of items in a way that makes it easy to access them all. Ask the best cleaning service Chicago about the best way to organize a closet and you are… Read More

5 Shoe Organization House Cleaning Tips

When your closet is a mess, your life can be turned upside down. Fresh Tech Maid, #1 Maid Service Chicago are expert organizers and are here to tell you some house cleaning tips for  shoe organization you need to hear. Step by step, organize your shoes to get the… Read More

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy

Cleaning is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea! However, living in a messy home can cause unnecessary anxiety. Here are some low-stress steps from Fresh Tech Maid, a maid service in Arlington Heights, that you can take throughout the week to ensure that you keep your home neat… Read More