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Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy

Cleaning is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea! However, living in a messy home can cause unnecessary anxiety. Here are some low-stress steps from Fresh Tech Maid, a maid service in Arlington Heights, that you can take throughout the week to ensure that you keep your is home… Read More

Teach Kids Good Cleaning Habits

It’s impressive how good children are at creating messes, but an Arlington Heights maid service can help! Playing with a new toy is so much fun, but afterward it’s usually the parents who are left cleaning up the clutter. Wells Ye, founder of Fresh Tech Maid house, wants to… Read More

How to get stains out of Your Carpet

Nothing can spoil the appearance of a beautiful carpet like an unsightly stain. Furthermore, there are a number of different stains that you may have to contend with over the life of that carpeting. However, this maid service in Chicago have a few tips.  There are a number of… Read More

Chores for Grade School-Aged Children

Unlike younger kids, those who are six or seven-years-old will need less supervision and can handle increasingly complicated tasks. If you first started giving your kids chores when they were toddlers, by the time they reach the first or second grade, they will be used to having to do them,… Read More