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Chicago Post Construction Cleaning

July 1, 2020

The Most Difficult Type Of House Cleaning

When thinking of challenging situations that come from being a maid service Chicago, one doesn’t typically immediately think Chicago post construction cleaning would be one of those. However, there are unusual circumstances that come with post construction cleaning that make it a unique service.

What Is White Dust?

White dust is often times the product of a construction site and generates in abundance. This extremely fine dust is the biggest factor in Chicago post construction cleaning due to its lightness. Often times white dust will flow into the ventilation system, and in return blow out everywhere. The fact that white dust is so fine and light is what makes it so difficult to clean up. It will very easily flow back into the air when the house cleaner is attempting to sweep the floors. This process can become repetitive and time consuming, making it a challenge for post construction cleaning. More often than not a maid service Chicago is required to perform multiple house cleanings before this issue can be truly fixed.


White dust will always be an issue when it come to construction, so how do we handle it? It is important for home owners to push construction crews to clean daily. This regular maintenance can be very effective in preventing build up. Having high quality air filters is a great way to catch the white dust that builds up in the ventilation system, and can prevent white dust from being blown back into the house. Setting your expectations to having a multiple cleaners will prevent any surprises. It truly is an extended process when handling Chicago post construction cleaning and will most likely involve three cleanings.

We hope that this has been a helpful resource for you to understand why post construction cleanings are particularly challenging!