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Chores For Kids

October 11, 2014

Unlike younger kids, those who are six or seven-years-old will need less supervision and can handle increasingly complicated tasks. If you first started giving out chores for kids when they were toddlers, by the time they reach the first or second grade, they will be used to having to do them, and will fight with you less when you add to their chore lists. This will teach your kids important values, particularly the kind that most employers, including Arlington Heights maid services, look for. Here are some of the things that kids this age can take on:

Household Chores For Kids

– Light outdoor gardening tasks. A first or second grader can help you outdoors by raking the leaves and weeding the garden. Things like watering (with a watering can, not a hose) and planting flowers can be placed on the chores for kids list as well.

-Laundry chores, including sorting dirty laundry and putting away clean items. Both sorting dirty clothes and folding up the clean ones (not the mention putting them away where they belong) are fairly easy tasks for the average six or seven-year-old. Although he or she should not work the washing machine or dryer, she can handle the tasks that take place both before and after those cycles are run.

Cleaning Chores For Kids

Sweeping and mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors. Your child may have an easier time sweeping and mopping the bathroom floor on her own, since the space is smaller. However, you can have her help you clean the kitchen floor – just divide up the room, and give her a corner of it to wash while you take care of the rest of the space. Even if she misses a spot it isn’t a big deal, as your maid will wash the floor again when she arrives.

– Taking the indoor garbage and placing it in the large, outdoor garbage cans. This chore will teach your child that garbage belongs in a trash can or bag, not on the floor. A small, light bag of trash, like the ones from the office or bathroom, is just the right size for a first or second grader to handle. The kitchen trash might be too heavy to for him to handle.

Cooking Tasks

– Washing and peeling fruits and vegetables. Although a child shouldn’t handle sharp objects, they can use a blunt-edged potato peeler as long as you are supervising. Washing the vegetables is easy, as long as there is a step stool available to help your child reach into the sink. Both of these can help your dinner preparations go much faster! Cooking is great way for kids to learn step by step processes.

– Gathering the salad components in the bowl and getting it ready to serve. A salad is easy to make, especially once the vegetables have been chopped up. A grade school aged child should be able to tear up the lettuce and spinach and place it in the salad bowl along with everything else.

A child who is between the ages of six and seven can handle all of these tasks and more; at least, this Arlington Heights maid service thinks so. Consider placing some or all of these on his or her chore chart in order to keep track of them.