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A Happy and healthy christmas with Fresh Tech Maid


Have The Best Holiday Season Ever!

Christmas is coming! Are you prepared? The holidays can bring so much happiness, but it can also bring a lot of stress. Whether you’re hosting a dinner, Christmas party, or just trying to decorate, you have a lot to prepare for! Make the holidays easier with a cleaning from Fresh Tech Maid. Why waste any more time on cleaning when you already have so much planning, preparing, and decorating to do?! Check out all of our crazy deals below!



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To Claim These Amazing Deals!


Celebrate The Season Of Giving With 15% Off Gift Cards!

Give the gift of less stress, more time, and a clean home this Christmas! For a very limited time we are having an AMAZING deal on our gift cards. Use offer code: b42020 and get 15% off of our gift cards! Get your gift card and learn how much to buy by clicking the button below!

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Give Yourself A Gift With 10% Off Your Cleaning. You Deserve It!

Treat yourself to a clean home this holiday season. If you book with offer code: b4xmas before December 25th you can get 10% off your cleaning! Whether you need to clean up after a crazy holiday party or you just want to relax on your day off, we have you covered!

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How Can We Make Your Life Easier?

Asking yourself WHY you need a maid service and how much free time you need for the holidays is essential to finding the company for you. Do you want more free time to do what YOU want to do? Do you need to go shopping for presents? Prepare for your Christmas party? Hiring a cleaning service is an investment that helps you succeed in any walk of life, but even more when it comes to the holidays. After you experience your first cleaning, think about how having a regular service will ensure your needs are taken care of and your goals are at arm’s reach throughout 2020!

Most of our clients get a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service in order to generally upkeep the home. This is the general cleaning of your home which keeps it fresh and healthy on a daily basis for your family to enjoy. This includes dusting, ceiling fans, window ledges, the floors, the surfaces and appliances in the kitchen and more. The health of your home is so important for everyone living in it. Ask yourself, what are you sacrificing by NOT having a maid service.

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Why Is Chemical Free Better For Your Family?

Today, the typical U.S. home now contains around 63 unsafe cleaning-related products incorporating hundreds of questionable chemicals. Many of these cleaning chemicals have been linked through scientific studies to a variety of lethal diseases, including disorders of the immune system, cancer, and asthma. Cleaning with toxic chemicals is especially dangerous to members of the population who may already have a lowered immune system, or who are at-risk because of age or other conditions. Pregnant women, senior citizens, young children and newborn babies, cancer survivors, and those with severe allergies or asthma should be sure to avoid dangerous cleaning chemicals in their households as they are more vulnerable to the harmful effects these products can have. Other maid services in Chicago will ignore these facts, but Fresh Tech Maid makes your health our number one priority.




Trust Is So Important!

Our clients trust our service and staff. We like to say that our hiring process is more selective than Harvard, because it is. We only hire 1% of all applicants and put them through a very detailed series of tests and interviews to determine if they have the right values to do the job. This does include background and drug testing. Finding someone with a good work ethic and the right values is so important. Our clients trust us to send them hardworking and trustworthy technicians who have the right values.

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What Service Is Perfect For You?

We at Fresh Tech Maid have been in business for over 10 years. We have so many happy clients who have signed up for repeat services whose lives we enhance on a daily basis. You may ask, what is the most popular service that we see? We see most people booking a bi- weekly service and here’s why. After two weeks, cleaning is often needed not just for the cleanliness of the home, but for health!

We may not even know that the home we are living in needs to be sanitized and cleaned because we can’t see it with the naked eye. Chemicals are not the best options as they can often degrade your health. This is especially the case with the elderly, children, pets and those with lowered immune systems. This is due to the dangerous residues left on the surfaces after you use chemicals to clean. When ingested, the chemicals can do serious harm to your body. Not to mention they degrade air quality which also affects the health of your family.



You Need An Award Winning Service To Have An Award Winning Christmas!

Fresh Tech Maid not just highly rated on every single review site, but we have also won many awards to prove we provide the best maid service in Chicago. We have been awarded Angie’s List’s Super Service Award, the Certificate of Excellence from Three Best Rated, an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, and a Best Pick Guaranteed from Best Pick Reports!

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