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Three Biggest Fears of Cleaners Chicago

Cleaners Chicago are some of the most hardworking people around. Whatever drives your need for a fresher and healthier home- they are here to help. Whether you want a weekly apartment cleaning service, a move out cleaning to help you get your deposit back or in need of a deep cleaning servicecleaners Chicago can help. The job can be extremely beneficial and helpful for the cleaning lady, however they have certain fears in which make the job a lot harder. With some knowledge and common ground between the client and technician, this information can ensure the relationship between you both gets stronger rather than weaker. These fears can create a strain between the cleaner and the client and can be easily avoided. Here are three fears of maid services in Chicago so you can have a better experience and a healthier home.

They Are Not Understood

A huge fear of cleaners Chicago is that they are not understood by the client. Sometimes clients can expect the world from a cleaning lady when in fact, they are just human. Expecting a human to work like a machine and never make a mistake is disheartening. We are all human, we all make mistakes. Dismissing your technician’s cleaning ability after they miss one or two misses can be very upsetting. In fact, yes, there is a great cleaning, but there are no perfect cleanings.

Open communication with the company and your cleaning lady is essential into creating an effective, professional relationship which is beneficial for everyone. Discussing what the technician missed is essential for their own personal growth and ensuring your expectations are met. Hearing both good and bad feedback helps the technician grow as a professional as well as helping them to understand the client’s needs and deliver a customized service for them.

They Are Not Respected

If the client does not respect the cleaning ladyit can be detrimental for the professional relationship. Expecting your home cleaning service to provide the same technician at the same time every week, without fail is a lack of respect for the technician. The technicians are human, they fall ill, they are allowed to take vacations and they lead their own lives. Understandably, you would like the same cleaning lady who you are familiar with. A company can try and comply with your wants and needs as much as they can. However, if you’re working with a trusted, reputable company, then all employees should be trustworthy and well trained for the job at hand.

You know you can trust a company when they have employees rather than independent contractors. When a company puts time, energy and resources into hiring staff then you know they care, hiring independent contractors is the easy way out. Companies can background check and drug test potential employees of their company whereas they may have never even met the independent contractor. Why trust the company when they don’t even know themselves who is in your home? The company who uses independent contractors just care about profit, not the most important thing, client service and satisfaction.

A Good Cleaning Takes Time

Clients that are not of the opinion that a good cleaning takes time is a huge fear of cleaners Chicago. It is easy to assume that the job is easy, that can be done quickly. Many of us quickly brush over the surfaces of our home, quickly making the home look cleaner on the outset. In fact, when hiring home cleaning services Chicago your home will be sanitized and cleaned to a deeper level. The aim of a cleaning company is to free up time in your life and create a healthy environment for your family. A standard cleaning may take a few hours for one person as they are working hard to clean your home from ceiling to floor and paying more attention to detail than you may yourself. A good clean takes time for the health of you, your family and your pets. There is really no shortcut! Cleaners really appreciate clients who understand this fact and authorize more time when adding tasks.

Not only this, but a great cleaning service uses products that are safe for you and your family. Using chemicals to clean can be extremely harmful to children, elderly and your pets, not to mention those with lowered immune systems! These chemicals are bad for you as they leave a dangerous residue on your surfaces and degrade the air quality.

We at Fresh Tech Maid use chemical free cleaning. This doesn’t leave any toxic residues behind while cleaning extremely effectively. This has even been proven LIVE on FOX using our cleaning solution, de-ionized water and a microfiber cloth. In fact, they have been proven to remove 99% of bacteria whereas a cotton cloth would only reduce the number of bacteria by 33%.


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