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Thinking about getting an Evanston Maid Service?  Whether you’re moving out and you would like to get your security deposit back, if you’re hosting a party or you just want to spend more time on the ones you love the most. There are so many reasons to hire an apartment or home cleaner. Although, finding the right one for you can be difficult as there are so many options however once you find the right one there is no turning back. The truth is, Fresh Tech Maid Evanston has so many benefits. They can truly impact your life for the better from freeing up your time to positively impacting your health. There are so many factors to consider when choosing one, however today we will be discussing the most important factor, the products the company uses.

Behind The Chemicals

Since World War 2, we have been convinced to use chemicals to do our homes. Before that, we mainly used natural products, which may be shocking to some. Truth be told, after World War 2 the chemical industries boomed. The boom resulted in an influx of advertisements for these chemical products, almost brainwashing the public to think that this was the only way to clean your home. We believe the strong smell of chemicals means disinfected, however this is just not the case.

The Truth About Household Chemicals

Fresh Tech Maid Evanston

The average US home has approximately 63 unsafe products. Using these to disinfect has been linked to several deathly diseases, disorders of the immune system, asthma and cancer. People with lowered immune systems are especially at risk like children, senior citizens and pets, why put your family at risk? This is due to the nature of the chemicals as they can enter your body three different ways: through your skin, inhaling, and ingestion. Dangerous residues can be ingested through the skin as you touch surfaces.

The second and almost most dangerous way is through inhaling the chemicals you may not even know you are doing it! If a room is not getting enough ventilation, then you may not even know you are ingesting them and they are harming your body. Thirdly, you may ingest the chemicals through your mouth, something that children are more prone to and at most risk to. When using these to clean, the surface may shine however it is not really germ free. They still lie on the surfaces which can be extremely toxic.

Fragrances are added to these products, mostly in detergents and air fresheners. According to he National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has found that one third of the substances used in the fragrance industry are toxic however as these formulas are considered to be trade secrets, they do not have to list their ingredients and are just required to label them as fragrances.

Most products don’t list ingredients, which is a major indicator that something is being hidden. You can tell a lot about a product by its label. The signal words like ‘danger’, ‘toxic’ or ‘poison’ are the most dangerous for you and your family.  Why would you want to bring such hazardous products into your home when there are so many better alternatives?

Your Health Will Improve Drastically

Ask the company if they do chemical free! This leaves no carcinogenic or toxic residue on your home surfaces and doesn’t degrade the air quality inside your home in comparison to using chemicals. Your family’s health depends on this! Why expose them to harsh chemicals when it only degrades their health? Using chemicals can really compromise the health of your pets and those with lowered immune systems like children and the elderly. Why would you take the risk? The benefits of chemical free cleaning can be seen immediately!

How Fresh tech maid evanston makes it work

Fresh Tech Maid Evanston

I’m sure you’re wondering, but how does it even work? Well our cleaners use a solution called deionized water, water in its purest form with no mineral contaminants. We like to call this hungry water as it attracts dust and microorganisms as well as dissolving them. When paired with a microfiber cloth, they are a dream team. Microfiber cloths trap dirt well as they are composed of tiny wedge hooks and loop- shaped fibers. When wiping down a surface, they catch dirt and dust. They have been proven to remove 99% of bacteria whereas a cotton cloth would only reduce the number of bacteria by 33%.

There are many ways to effectively sanitize your home without chemicals such as using steam vapor on non electrical items. Using a dehumidifier and even using chemical absorbing indoor plants help detoxify the air. Most of these plants inhale carbon dioxide and emit oxygen in its place. This ultimately filters out airborne chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and even arsenic. Some good plans for this include ferns, peace lilies, English ivy, mums, philodendrons, Chinese evergreen, leopard lily, and the ficus plant.

It Will Help The Environment

As previously mentioned, chemical free does wonders for your health. However, it does more than that- it is extremely beneficial for the environment. It leaves no carcinogenic or toxic residue on your home surfaces and doesn’t degrade the air quality inside your home. You need a maid service Evanston that truly cares about the future of our planet.

According to ‘Swalco’, The solid waste agency of Lake County, Illinois, the waste that goes down our household toilets and drains end up in our sewage treatment plants and can eventually negatively impact wildlife, fish and our terrain. Chemicals that end up in our landfill system may transfer into the soil and pollute the surrounding waters.  With chemical free products, there is no waste left behind and no dangerous and carcinogenic waste released into the air. It is so much healthier for you, your pets and the earth as there is no toxic waste. Completing certain acts which change your habits, you can extremely benefit the earth’s health.

You’re probably thinking ‘prove it!’. The CEO of Fresh Tech Maid Evanston, Wells Ye, showed just how effective it is, LIVE on Fox TV. As you can see in the video, we diminish the germ count of the surface they provided us with from 250 to 3- an extremely clean surface just from using our trusted deionized water and a microfiber cloth. Fresh Tech Maid has also been featured on both regional and national media networks such as WGN9, ABC, The Daily Herald and more!

Not only that, but our clients love it too! We judge the effectiveness of it is not just from science, but from our client satisfaction too. They express their gratitude through so many of our social media sites like Facebook and Google and other review sites such as BBB and Yelp. We have hundreds of reviews expressing how it has changed their lives in so many amazing ways. After we leave their homes, they are impressed and have revealed how sparkling their home has been left. We can judge how tidy a home is by the dust level, soil residue, lack of shine on surfaces and odor. You won’t be able to believe how effective chemical free is until you try it for yourself.




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