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Don’t Let Your Cleaning Company Arlington Heights Fool You!

As there are so many out there, it can be difficult to find the right maid service Arlington Heights for you. From the price to reputation, there are several factors that you may consider when choosing your service. The true test of whether a cleaning service company is good or not however, is if they stand the test of time. A company that delivers excellent service time after time can be few and far between, so we are here to bring that to light and ensure you don’t fall into that trap. We will explain why these maid companies are unsustainable, why the quality slides over time and how to spot a bad company so you don’t fall into this terrifying trap. Here is a breakdown of why the cleaning company may WOW you initially but as time goes on, they may cause utter devastation.

It’s All About The Sale

When you start discussing a service, listen to what they say. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When a service starts to promise you the world with an amazing price, they could be lying. The sales person may be just trying to make the sale and not have your best intentions at heart. Look out for extremely low prices, they are cutting costs somewhere, unrealistic promises and try and find out if they use employees or independent contractors. All these things will result in you being disappointed. Don’t cut costs when it comes to your happiness. Cleaning takes time and is a big process, cutting costs will only ensure you have to deal with more stress down the line.


Cleaning Service Company

When they come to your home they may go above and beyond. Some will exceed your expectations and you wonder how lucky you are to have such a stand out cleaning service company. Maid services go overboard on the first cleaning to ensure you are WOWed and love your service, doing extra services that were not even listed. Some will even do your laundry, they wipe down your walls and you can tell they have even moved all of your heavy furniture to make sure they got underneath.

These maids must have worked themselves to the bone! You are so impressed with the service, you see the amazing benefits of being able to spend more time with your children and being able to go on a date night and even have time for yourself. As a result you decided to create a repeat service on a weekly / bi- weekly / monthly basis. No other company could beat this one, what superpowers do these amazing maids have?

“They Didn’t Promise Me THIS

When the cleaning service company in Arlington Heights promises the world, it is just not sustainable.  Creating such a high standard for your first job makes it impossible for the maid to keep up and sustain such a high quality. They worked themselves to the bone the first time, what now? They cannot keep up with that extreme amount of physical work. These companies want to make all these empty promises in order to make the quick sale rather than caring about you and your needs. They want to see a high conversion rate between initial cleanings and repeat clients, that is all. They do not care about your home and the future, as all they care about is profit.

A true and honest one will continuously provide you with a great work from the outset. Others do not want a relationship with you, which any good service does, they only a quick buck. From your first initial contact to your regular service. In order to ensure you are not fooled, ensure to listen to the sales pitch and ensure it is not based on initial service alone.  If you find a cleaning service company that is requesting constant feedback about the job and being proficient with you, then you know you have found a good company.

Honesty is Key

So how do you avoid a service like this? Find one that is honest with you, rather than finding one that puts on an unsustainable show. When you know the factors, you can spot an unsustainable show a mile away. You know a cleaning service company is trustworthy when they tell you the truth, even the honest information that you may not want to hear. For example, if they tell you they cannot guarantee the same maid every time. By nature, the industry has a very high turnover of staff. As well as this, they deserve time off too. They deserve a vacation, they have sick days and emergencies, as a result you cannot be guaranteed the same person every single time.

Cleaning Service Company

After the cleaning, what happened? The best maid service Arlington Heights is an honest company that wants feedback, and not just good feedback. Focus on the process of managing the jobs, not just the staged initial cleaning. They want to build a relationship with you, working together is key in order to fully optimize your home. When they want to hear good and bad feedback, you know they have good intentions and want to make you happy long term. There is no perfect cleaning, only great ones. The maids are humans after all, not robots. They make mistakes like everyone else, bringing it to their attention helps them grow. A great service understands this and aims for your needs to be met, every time.

Super low prices also highlight a dishonest and untrustworthy company. It takes time, this cannot be denied. Low prices mean that they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes or they are cutting costs elsewhere. They tend to be more expensive in the long run. Between breakage, theft and low-quality service, the stress that these services will cause you can be disastrous. It is not just your money you will waste. They cost you your time, energy and cause you more stress when an issue is created and cannot be resolved by the company at hand.

Another aspect of the cleaning service company is to be aware of the client service that you receive. Even though the first cleaning might be amazing, was there someone on the other end of the line to answer your questions? Did they contact you to check up on how the job was going? Did they call after the cleaning to get your feedback? A company that manages their cleanings is a company to be trusted. They are there for you every step of the way, ensuring you are taken care of and that you are satisfied every time, not just the first time.




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