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Which Chicago Cleaners Should You Trust?

Choosing the right maid service in Chicago can enhance your life in so many ways. It enables you to free up your time so you can focus on what you care about the most! It relieves stress and can hugely impact your health for the better. There is so much involved in comparing trustworthy Chicago cleaners, you would not know about unless you immersed yourself in the industry. We are here to inform you about housekeeping companies using employees v. independent contractors- a huge aspect of the industry that affects so much from the price to the experience. The scariest part is that you may not even know!

What Are They And Are They Trustworthy?

Employees: Employees are directly hired by a company. Employees go through a hiring process, a training plan and are directly managed by a company. They are covered by various federal and state employment and labor laws. For the employee, the company withholds income tax, Medicare and Social Security from their wages.

Independent Contractors: Workers who are outsourced to complete a job. They provide goods or services to another person or company as settled in a contract between the two. In the United States, a company is not permitted to train an independent contractor.

What Are The Differences?

It’s All On You

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When it comes to independent contractors v. employees, liability is the most detrimental factor. You will see that  the less trustworthy Chicago cleaners will hire independent contractors in order to cut cost because they don’t want to spend time hiring, training, and paying them a high wage or providing a high-quality place of work. They also save money on payroll taxes but at the cost of you. The biggest factor however, is that they don’t have to insure them which can put you at financial risk. If your cleaning lady gets sick or breaks an item, then you are liable for that. This can put you under severe financial strain. Your cheaper Chicago cleaners may end up costing you so much more in the end.

When a trustworthy maid service in Chicago hires an employee, that employee is licensed, bonded and insured, so you don’t have to worry. In this case, if there is an accident, you’re covered! Feel safe and secure with employees and a company which will take care of you. You don’t deserve to deal with a bigger mess than you had to begin with.

Training is not permitted

Independent contractors are not trained up to standard. US labor law prohibits cleaning companies to train and direct independent contractors. As a result, if you get an independent contractors to clean your home, it means the house cleaning service is not really committed to quality, safety, and worker’s protection. Instead, the cleaning company is putting profit first at all cost.

Employees tend to be trained to the highest standard. The best Chicago cleaners ensure their employees go through a strenuous hiring process and have the same cleaning ability across the board. Not only that, they all go through the same rigorous training plan which means their skill level will be very high and they are more than capable to do the job. Not only that, all of the employees will be of the same standard. If your usual technician is sick, on vacation, or even experiencing an emergency, you’ll be guaranteed that your replacement technician will be trained to the highest degree and will do an outstanding job. No matter who the cleaning lady is, they will clean to a much higher standard and with more ownership and integrity.

You Don’t Know Who They Are

Woman cleaning

When comparing independent contractors, there naturally is a limited choice among current practitioners. This is a drastic change from the vast pool of potential employees that a cleaning service has access to. Companies can be selective. They can be highly selective for candidates who have the right values which fit the company, work ethic, and attitude towards working and the job at hand. Skills can be learned. Once an employee is hired, the training process will teach them cleaning processes, about the cleaning tools and customer service. You cannot teach attitude.

When a trustworthy Chicago cleaners hire an employee- they go through a hiring process, are screened, and go through a background check. The company knows this person, trusts them to do the job well, and makes sure that safety is the highest priority. They ensure the employee has never committed a crime, especially theft because they will be in your home after all. When using independent contractors, the standard is not the same; sometimes the company may have not even met the independent contractor before sending them to your home! You may trust the customer service representative on the phone, but the cleaning company may have not even met the cleaner before. Would you trust a stranger in your home?

How They Shape the Service

For independent contractors, cleaning companies have major legal constraints to shape the culture and values of the staff they sub-contract, but that’s about it. This majorly differs from the company who hires employees. For employees, the cleaning company has all management, legal, and value-based leavers to shape the culture and optimize performance.

Why Do Non Trustworthy Chicago Cleaners Use Independent Contractors?

The answer is simple: it cuts costs. There is no need for as much man power in hiring and training, this is the highest cost for a cleaning company and it cuts costs massively. Using independent contractors can reduce payroll tax up to 10%! In addition, the liability cost, reflected by worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance, can also reduce another 8% of labor costs. Adding all of these factors up can save a company thousands of dollars a year. This results in a drastic profit increase and saves a company huge costs however someone has to suffer. That person is you. The cost they put into their company reflects on the service provided. They may have high profits but it will be at your cost.

How Do I Know If They Are Independent Contractors or Employees?!

Whether it’s on the phone or in person, just ask them! They may say on the phone in order to make the sale that they use employees however this may not be the truth. When your cleaning lady comes to your home be sure to ask them. Asking them will put them on the spot and if they have any hesitation, you know what the answer is. Talking to your cleaning technician can reveal a lot about the company that you may not know. Listen to what they say and make a judgement call on that.

Evaluate if it is worth the risk

When you have talked to the company, evaluate if using an independent contractor is worth the risk for you. The price may be cheaper when using an independent contractor, however a cheaper price may cost you more in the long run. It will cost you your money, health, and most importantly your time if something goes wrong. A maid service should provide more than just a clean home. It should remove all the stress of cleaning from your life, free up your time, and ensure that you have a trustworthy person in your home.

Compare The Price v. Value of Your Time

It doesn’t all come down to price when comparing trustworthy cleaning services. The true cost of a company is the price + time to manage + the stress added or reduced. Don’t just focus on the price alone. Why pay for a cheaper service and have a painful experience? You will be left managing the cleaning yourself and to pick up the pieces if something goes wrong. The goal of a cleaning service is to make your life easier. Who said you can’t be a great parent and have a successful career? With a GREAT company you can do just that and more.

Have you had any bad experiences with independent contractors? Let us know!


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