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Build A Relationship With Mutual Benefit

We want maid services for various reasons. From freeing up your time in order to spend it focusing on what really matters, your cleaning lady service in Arlington Heights is there for you at the end of the day. Hiring a service can be a new experience for some and you may not know how to work best with your cleaning lady in order to get the best experience possible. Having a greater understanding of your service ensures that you with both get a mutually beneficial experience and will tailor your job to your needs perfectly.

Listen to the Company

Cleaning Lady Service

When a company has certain requirements for you and your family during the job, they are there for a reason. A cleaning lady service will work very hard in order to make your home shine, the work they do is psychical and hard on their bodies, what the company asks of them is for their health and safety. The company should be upfront and honest about why they need you to complete a task or provide for the technician. For example, in some areas, there is a huge problem with parking. As a result, the technician may have to walk several blocks with all their tools to get to the home. Their tools may weigh up to 20lbs which they have to carry to each home. The parking situation is not a problem in Arlington Heights and they won’t have to walk too far to get to their home however having some compassion to their situation is a big help.

Something that helps a cleaning lady service in Arlington Heights is decluttering before they arrive. Not only is it great for them, allowing them to do their job much quicker and easier, but it helps to clear your mind too. According to the book ‘The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo, you need to be mindful of your space, surrounding yourself with things that spark joy in your life rather than endless clutter. This will clear your mind and ensure you can focus on what you really need to. Not only that, but your technician will get her job done much quicker and more efficiently. A lot of the time, it is quite visual. Your cleaning lady can nicely organize your belongings, which can take up more time however she can only do so much. Having a minimalistic surface to clean will ensure the job gets done quicker and more effectively. If you need help with decluttering your home, make sure to communicate this to your service.

Another requirement of the service that saves time is to ensure there is ease of access to your home. So many believe they have to be home when the cleaning is taking place however this is not essential with a trustworthy company. If you are not able to let the company into your home, use a lockbox and ensure they have the correct code and the correct key is in the box. Getting locked out is disastrous for both you and your technician. It is a helpless situation that ensures your home won’t get done and the cleaning lady service will not get fully paid for the cleaning.

Don’t Blame Her

We are all guilty of wanting more. It is easy to assume that the job is easy, that can be done quickly. Many of us quickly brush over the surfaces of our home, quickly making the home look tidy on the outset. In fact, when hiring a cleaning lady in Arlington Heights your home will be sanitized and cleaned to a deeper level. Sometimes you may feel like the baseboards need an extra shine or the fridge needs a clear out- jobs that you may perceive to be quick and easy. A good job takes time and if you ask your technician to do some of these extras, it may not be possible.

Understanding the inner workings of a maid service Arlington Heights will help you communicate with your cleaning lady. Services generally base the cost of your cleaning on man-hours of cleaning * an hourly rate. If you were to ask them to ‘quickly do the baseboards’ it may not be possible for them. The office staff deals with the payments of the job and as a result, they are the ones you must call. Putting your cleaning lady under pressure is unfair on them. Sometimes they may have another job scheduled after your own which they have to go to or they may have to complete other tasks of the job. Instead of putting your technician in a compromised situation, give the office a call and they would be happy to meet your needs.

In advance of the cleaning, update the office of the changes and hopefully they will be able to accommodate you and change that accordingly. Make sure you have a priority list and that it is very clear for the technician. Working well with client service staff will ensure you end up being a very happy customer.

Be Open and Honest

You should have a great customer service experience from the beginning. Your cleaning lady, however, will be who you interact with the most throughout the experience as they are coming to your home. In actual fact, you should have more communication with the office in order to have a more effective job. There should be staff on the end of the line to answer any questions you have and explain the whole process to you. They should have the aim to understand the need for your service, asking questions and looking to make this job as personalized as they can for you as well as being there for you if you have any problems throughout the process.

Cleaning Lady Service

When you start service with a new company or there is a new cleaning lady assigned to do your home, it is essential to give them a tour of the home. By doing this they know how to properly navigate your home and they can properly gauge how long it will take to do. In addition, ensure to highlight the most important areas for them to pay attention to in your family home. By doing this, they will meet your expectations and hopefully exceed them. After the job, be sure to do a quick check of the home to make sure everything was taken care of. After all, your cleaning lady is human and makes mistakes and misses things like you and I. By checking the home and giving them feedback the technician can learn from her mistakes while also giving them a greater understanding for your needs.

How do you express your gratitude for the technician? There are so many ways you can do it. Not only can you leave a tip, but also you can leave a positive review online. There are so many unbiased review sites like Yelp, Google and BBB that you can choose from and share how much your company means to you. It is easy to get caught up and review your service only when it is bad, but if you are pleased and the cleaning has enhanced your life, then make it known.




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