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Why You Can’t Be Guaranteed The Same Cleaning Lady Evanston Every Time

Finding the right cleaning lady can be a blessing in disguise. The work that they do can enhance our lives for so many reasons. From removing the unwanted chore of cleaning your home to freeing up more time to spend focusing on the ones who matter most to us- the list is endless. We grow an attachment to out cleaning lady Evanston because they have such an impactful meaning on our lives. However, when hiring a new house cleaning service ensure that if they are telling you that they can provide the same cleaner every single time they visit your home then they are lying and we’re here to tell you why.

They’re human

Your cleaning lady is human and deserves respect. If a cleaning company guarantees you the same cleaner, then they are lying. Like us all- they get sick, must take time off, have family gatherings and vacations. This ensures that they will not be guaranteed to come to your house every time. You must allow for them to take days for themselves. When a company tells you that without fail they will send the same person every time they are just trying to make the sale.

High Turnover

The house cleaning industry has one of the highest turnovers in staff in all sectors. Historically, the cleaning industry has an average employee turnover of about 200%!

Generally house cleaners are only temporarily doing the job or have other commitments and as a result tend to come and go quite quickly. As a result, when a sales person tells you that they can guarantee the same person every time then they are not telling the truth. What if your cleaning lady leaves and decided to peruse other ventures? This untrustworthy tactic would make you wonder what else they are lying about.

A Great Questions for the Cleaning Company’s Integrity

To find the true intentions of a cleaning company ask them if they can provide you with the same cleaning lady every time. If they say yes, it is a sales tactic. As I mentioned previously, it is just impossible to guarantee the same person every time.

There are so many advantages of changing up the technician. One is that is it a great way to check for quality. A fresh set of eyes on your home can ensure there is a higher level of cleaning done. Your one regular cleaning lady may be used to your home and miss similar things every time she comes. Cleaning ladies are human after all, they make mistakes like you and I, often resulting in misses. A new technician will ensure that they cover everything else. They act as a fresh perspective and it gives a great insight into how clean your home can become over time with fresh eyes. It is also great to have another technician who is aware of your home in case your regular technician is sick, on vacation or even has an emergency. Having more than one cleaning lady can be very beneficial.

Another question you should ask to find out whether the cleaning company is trustworthy is ‘how are your staff trained?’. A great company uses employees rather than independent contractors can train their staff as you can’t train independent contractors according to US labor laws. As a result, when using independent contractors, they are not trained up to standard. Companies that hire employees put time and effort into their hiring and training regimes. As the cleaning lady is cleaned in house, they are all a similar very high standard, unlike independent contractors. If the company sends a new technician into your home, they may not clean as well as the last one so make sure to do your research!

You should find an honest company who wants to treat you with respect and tell you the truth, a company who wants to help benefit your life and make a positive impact. Having a deeper understanding of your cleaning lady Evanston and understanding that you can’t be guaranteed the same one every time will hopefully impact your relationship for the better.

The Most Important Factor When Working with Your Cleaning Lady Evanston

You may have the question; how do I work best with my cleaning lady? The answer is communication is key. You should you have great communication with the customer service representative in the cleaning company, who should inform you about pricing, what you should expect from the cleaning, the arrival time, as well as manage the cleaning and looking for feedback afterwards. They should be monitoring the cleaning from start to finish. However you will be interacting with your cleaning lady throughout the whole experience so having good communication with them is very important despite the fact you should have more with the office. You should have a great understanding of the company and what to expect before your cleaning technician even arrives.

Talking to your cleaning lady is essential, you should give her a walk through of the home when they first arrive. Giving her a tour ensures she knows how to properly navigate your home and she can properly estimate how long your home will take to clean. After all, the cleaning company may not have even been in your home before! It may have a higher level of dirt than expected. In addition, this highlights the most important areas that they must pay attention to in your home. This will ensure your expectations are met and that you at satisfied to the full degree from your cleaning.

Afterwards, check the cleaning! Were your expectations met? At the end of the day, your cleaning lady is human and they will have mistakes and misses like you and I. If they have a particular miss, let them know. They can not only learn from their mistakes and grow as a technician, they can fix the problem then and there. Both good and bad feedback is essential to any technician to actually excel in their career. This also gives them a greater understanding of your needs and ensures you will be WOW’d time and time again.

How do I express gratitude for my cleaner?

YAY! Your cleaner did a great job, now what? There are so many ways you can express gratitude to your cleaning lady Evanston. Even though it may not be the same technician every time, it is important to express your gratitude if you are impressed with the cleaning. One option is to leave a tip of course, they are really appreciated! You can also express your gratitude by leaving a positive review online, it helps the company and the technicians alike. There are so many unbiased review sites such as Yelp, BBB, Facebook and Google which allow you to express your opinion and gratitude.

You never know how a good review may help a technician, for example at Fresh Tech Maid, any time a technician gets left a positive review, they get a bonus! On these sites it is so easy to get caught up on the bad service you receive, but if you get good service, why not tell everyone? If the cleaning enhanced your life, tell others and share how great your experience was.



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