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Whether you’re moving out of your apartment or you just need a thorough Spring Clean, ensuring you hire great Chicago deep cleaning services for your home can get the refresh it needs. A general clean can help you excel in life on a daily basis in so many ways. Having a regular cleaning lady to help you with cleaning the floors, dusting and sanitizing surfaces can be an invaluable for your life, however when the need comes for you to hire Chicago deep cleaning services you need to know what to expect. You deserve to know what you should receive from your maid service Chicago from start to finish.


Chicago Deep Cleaning Services

Even before your cleaning, you should have a great customer service experience right from the beginning. There should be staff on the end of the line to answer any questions you have. In addition, they can also explain the process clearly. They should have the aim to understand the need for Chicago deep cleaning services. Asking questions and looking to make this cleaning as personalized as they can for you. If you’re moving out of an apartment, they should aim to ensure they do everything to help you get your security deposit back. On the phone the customer service representative should give you all of the information you need. They will describe cleaning tools they use (preferably chemical free for the health of your family). As well as the time they estimate the cleaning will take and how you can prepare for the cleaning service. Preparing can ensure you save money in the long run ensuring that the technician can do the best job possible when they arrive.

The price should be transparent and honest from the outset. If the service has never been in your home before- they do not have an exact time that it will take to clean your home and understand that the quote is an estimate. You may jump for joy when you hear a low quote however some companies try to pull the wool over your eyes. If a company gives you a low quote it may mean a few things- once they are in your home they will charge more or the extremely low price means their cleaning ladies are independent contractors being paid a low wage and without essential licensing, bondage and insurance. A trustworthy company will be open and honest about all of the pricing and the process that you are about to receive with your new maid service in Chicago.

Creating a priority list is key to any professional cleaning lady. Anything can happen, it is important for a service to know that if necessary, these are the most important areas of the home for you. In order to get the desired results that you want from your deep cleaning, think about where is most important for you in your life. Do you pride on your floors gleaming? Or do you prefer to that your entryway sets the tone for the home? Make that known! This will make the process a breeze and ensure that every need that you have is met.


The best house cleaning services respect your time. Having a short arrival time for about an hour enables you to make the most out of your day- a cleaning service’s purpose to enhance your life after all. When the cleaning lady arrives, she should do a full walk through of your home after changing her shoes, you don’t want outdoor shoes bringing in any extra dirt from the streets of Chicago after all. The walk through is for the technician to establish the level of cleanliness of the home- essentially evaluating how much time it will take them and how accurate your quote is and for you, highlighting the problem areas that you would like taken care of.

There should always be customer support on hand. Open communication with the customer service representative is a strong identifier of an honest company. You should know who to contact if you have any questions at any time you need. There should be constant communication throughout the cleaning. We at Fresh Tech Maid ensure to check in with our clients during the cleaning to answer any questions and give a general update of how it is going. If they call to ask how the cleaning service is going- they are willing to help and identify any problems that you may have, ultimately trying to work with you in order to exceed your expectations.

Checking in during the cleaning also is essential is problem control. If an unexpected issue arises such as a breakage or the cleaning needs more time than expected, then you, the customer is informed and kept in the loop of the cleaning. At Fresh Tech Maid, we ensure to not go over your initial quote. If extra time is needed for cleaning yet you don’t want to add any more time, we focus on priorities. Honesty is the best policy, if a company has bad customer service and does not want to talk to you, then that is a sign of a bad cleaning company.


Feedback shows the company’s true intentions. An honest company doesn’t want to just take your money, they want to build a relationship with you. Understanding that humans make mistakes, a good deep cleaning service wants to hear what they did both good and bad. Seeking both positive and negative feedback enables a company to grow and constantly improve.

Walking through the cleaning after the technician is finished is a very good way to ensure the technician can improve themselves and to ensure your needs were met. This also brings to light if any areas were missed that can be fixed there and then. The technicians are human after all, we all make mistakes. It is completely normal for us to miss certain areas of the home. In fact, there are no perfect cleanings, only great ones. Highlighting the areas of the home that the technician did well in is always a great learning curve for them and they can see where they are truly appreciated.

The best deep cleaning service should follow up- inquiring about their service, how they can help you further and optimizing the service for your future needs. They don’t only want good feedback, but bad too. Seeking negative feedback ensures they can grow as a company. It shows that they are trying to build a relationship with you. Highlighting the good and the bad brings to light what the technician is doing both right and wrong. It allows them to learn from their mistakes and aim to do better for their future jobs. This process can make the cleanings more tailored to your needs and can make sure your expectations are exceeded.

These are all factors of the best cleaning services. Effective and excellent deep cleaning services in Chicago is a process from start to finish. Our ultimate goal – ensuring that you are WOWed by the service.



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