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Green Cleaners Chicago Vs. Chemical Free Cleaning

October 18, 2013

Many people believe that green cleaners Chicago and chemical free cleaning are the same. This is mostly due to the fact that many environmentally friendly things are low on manufactured chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients. However, this is not true. The two are quite different in the maid service world and we are here to tell you the differences between green cleaners Chicago and chemical free cleaning.

The Real Differences Between Green Cleaning and Chemical Free

Cleaning is based mainly on chemistry for centuries. The chemical reaction between the dirt and the fluid when the fluid is applied to the surface loosens the dirt. This makes it easier to wash it away and leave you with a clean surface. However, there are by-products left behind by this and a chemical film is left on the surface. See this article from a local Chicago injury law firm regarding harmful cleaning chemicals.

What is left behind?!

When a green or environmentally friendly product is used in maid service, this process still occurs. The main difference is that the chemicals used, and those left behind, are friendlier on you and the environment. Plus, the dirty secret that no one wants to tell you can happen – since the green chemicals are more organic, they can promote the growth of all of the things that you don’t want on your counter: viruses, germs and bacteria, among others.

The Perfect Combination

On the other hand, chemical free cleaning doesn’t require these types of chemical reactions to take place. Instead, these methods are based on physics and use steam, water vapor, and processed water to get your home clean. We have done a number of studies and this maid service in Chicago has found that the pairing of deionized water and microfiber cloths can rid your house of germs in a hygienic, chemical-free fashion.

De-ionizing water is a great solvent because once regular water (which is already a good solvent) becomes even more pure, it becomes “hungry” and absorbs and detaches the dirt, leaving no traces behind. This is why you need to find a company that uses chemical-free methods. Also, check out these seven dirty secrets house cleaning providers won’t tell you!

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