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Dorm Room Maid Cleaning Service

July 21, 2017

In just a month or two, young adults from across the country will be headed off to college. In many cases, this means living in the oh-so-glamorous dorms, in a tiny little room shared by one or more roommates. Living in a dorm hall is an experience unlike any other, but they are not exactly known for their cleanliness. However, you need your living space to be clean and tidy in order to fully concentrate on your rigorous courses. Luckily, there are plenty of maid cleaning service quick and easy products you can use for dorm room cleaning. Fresh Tech Maid service Chicago offers advice below.

Antibacterial Wipes

The first thing you will definitely want to invest in is a big container of antibacterial wipes. These make dorm room cleaning so easy by quickly wiping down desk and shelf surfaces, as well as countertops and sinks. Make sure you also concentrate on frequently touched areas such as your doorknob and computer mouse and keyboard. This is especially important when living in close quarters with others, as germs can easily spread across campus.

Laundry Pods

Another maid cleaning service or dorm room service stable is detergent pods. These are becoming more and more popular with younger folks because they are so easy to use. With laundry pods, you don’t have to worry about detergent spills or measuring out the wrong amount. In fact, you don’t even have to carry the bottle down to the basement with you. Simply grab a pod, and throw it in the washer before your clothes!

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

A mini vacuum cleaner is a maid cleaning service must have. Most dorms have a full size vacuum available for check-out at the front desk, but this can be a pain to lug up the stairs any time you need a quick clean up. Plus, the desk is not open at all hours and if you are having an impromptu get-together you need to make sure that you quickly get rid of all the late-night snack crumbs!

Mini Swiffer

A handheld vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning rugs or carpeting, but a Swiffer is much better if you have hardwood floors or just prefer to keep them bare. Swiffers are very easy to use, and are mobile enough to get in all the corners. You can buy both wet and dry pads to clip on the bottom, and then just throw them away when you are done!

Clip-On Toilet Cleaner

When you are busy with midterm exams and papers, you probably aren’t going to feel up to scrubbing the toilet bowl. If you are lucky enough to have a dorm room with a bathroom, you will probably want to invest in a clip-on toilet bowl cleaner. It automatically cleans your toilet bowl when you flush, and you only have to change it once per week!

We at Fresh Tech Maid service Chicago hope these tips will help you keep your dorm room fresh and clean so you can be as productive as possible!