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Hiring a Maid Service: Expectations V. Reality

October 9, 2014

Where To Start

The decision to hire an Evanston maid service is usually the easy part. Once you’ve decided that you need some help cleaning your home, the real work begins. Researching companies and getting quotes are the next two steps. However, before you even reach that particular stage in the process, you first need to understand what to expect from your chosen maid service.

– You should expect great, but not perfect cleaning. A perfect job does not exist, and attaining it is impossible. Even getting a job nearly perfect will take too much time and money. Instead, you should expect your company to do a great job. If all of the areas with the scope are clean, your counters, sinks and floors have been washed, the carpeting and rugs have been vacuumed, and your house is noticeably tidy, then you may have chosen your maid service wisely.

– You should expect a timely follow up from the maid service after you complain or bring up a specific issue. There are some companies out there that do not want to deal with complaints or suggestions. To them, any negative feedback is some kind of insult. You don’t want to hire one of those companies. Instead, look for one that will work with you and take your complaints into account in order to improve the cleanings to your satisfaction.

– You should expect your company to welcome your feedback (including suggestions for improvement) with a genuine desire to do better. Feedback is a good thing, since it can help your maid determine exactly what you want out of each clean. Choose a company that looks forward to receiving your feedback, good or bad.

– You should expect your home to be a healthier place for all inhabitants (adults, children, pets) to live in. There are many different types of supplies, including some traditional fluids that can do more harm than good. Look for a maid that specializes in healthier methods, like those that are chemical free or those that use environmentally friendly solutions.

– You should expect to pay an honest price for your cleaning service, not the cheapest price available. A good maid service will cost money – not so much money that it is unaffordable – but not so little that you are left wondering how much their technicians actually get paid. Look for a service that you know is paying their employees a fair wage.

Having the right set of expectations is the first step to developing a healthy relationship between you and your Evanston maid service. Understanding what your maid can and cannot do, as well as what level of service you should receive will help you choose the best company for your needs. Also check out our article on five ways to deal with mildew and mold on and in your shower and bathroom caulking here!