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How Fresh Tech Maid, Your Maid Service Chicago, Works

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Use our secure online booking system to select the date and time you would like your certified Maid Service Chicago and House Cleaning Technician to arrive. Or simply call!

We clean

Healthier Chemical Free Cleaning

You can choose what you want cleaned! We customize our cleaning based on exactly what you want! Then, we clean for you in the most effective and healthy way – chemical free cleaning!

You relax

Just Relax

Sit back! Enjoy your newly found free time! To us, a cleaning chemical infected home is simply not acceptable to you, your children, your pets, and the Earth! We make your home shine naturally, not chemically!

Awesome Life Courtesy of Fresh Tech Maid!

Imagine the life you will have, supported by this Maid Service Chicago!


No independent contractors! Every employee has completed a 12-step screening process. They are the most trusted cleaning technicians! Integrity is our foundation!


We LOVE to take over the cleaning and maximize the your most valuable asset, your time! On average, we save our house cleaning Arlington Heights clients half a day per week. What would you do with your extra time?


Cleaning chemicals can make your home shine. But, we can do it without the harmful cleaning chemicals. Chemical free cleaning is cleaner & healthier for you, your kids, your pets, and the Earth!


On Dec 2, 2017, our founder Wells Ye demonstrated live on Fox Chicago 32, how effective chemical free cleaning is. Chicagoans witnessed the amazing results of chemical free cleaning, which our maid service Chicago uses!


We will provide freakishly good client service. We are a client service business that just happens to clean, so we specialize in YOUR happiness. We listen and improve. We never stop because we work the hardest for your satisfaction.


If you’re not happy, we’ll re-clean applicable areas for free until you are completely satisfied. We will tailor our cleaning to exactly your needs. We will do whatever it takes to earn your satisfaction, one cleaning at a time!


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4.7 stars

We love providing a beautifully clean home for our clients. After every clean we send them a quick one click review to see how we did! If you see a negative review, please know that our staff has reached out and fixed the issue as quickly as possible. Mostly though, you will see only glowing reviews. That’s how we create happiness, one home at a time.



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A Maid Service Invented For Your Safety, Health, and Life!

Trying to find the best maid service in Chicago can be difficult because there are so many options! From day one, Fresh Tech Maid was built on one thing only: deliver trust through superb and consistent service quality. We not only focus on making sure your cleaning exceeds your expectations, but we make sure you can feel secure enough to relax during your home or commercial cleaning!

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Join Our Thousands of Happy Customers

We have helped thousands of people relax and enjoy a healthy and clean home from top to bottom. Our hard work is paying off with 4.7 stars on Google, 4.9 on Facebook, and many more. Fresh Tech Maid has also won many awards to prove that we are the best maid service in Arlington Heights. We have been awarded Angie’s List’s Super Service Award, the Certificate of Excellence from Three Best Rated, an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, and a Best Pick Guaranteed from Best Pick Reports!

Online Booking Anywhere and Anytime in 3 Min! So Convenient!

We know life can be too busy to take time out of your day to call and book a cleaning. That’s why we have a quick and easy to use online booking system! Just click any of the ‘Book Your Cleaning’ buttons and fill in your information for a FREE quote. Once your finished, our amazing salesperson will give you a call, text, or email (you choose!) to schedule your cleaning. You can choose between a one-time cleaning, or a cleaning plan of weekly, bi weekly, and monthly cleanings!

Dedicated Client Happiness Team!

Our Client Happiness Team cares deeply about you and your cleaning team. We will always be available to talk about any of your needs during your cleaning, as well as anytime on weekdays between 8am and 5pm. Also, if our tech is having any issues, they always have support just a phone call away!

We Love Children and Animals

Relax during your professional cleaning service with the WHOLE family! No need to put your pup in a crate or make your child stay in their room. Our technicians are all animal lovers and have no issues with non aggressive pets. Many of our technicians are also parents and all of them work very well with children of all ages!

We Care Deeply About Your Home and the People in it!

We provide numerous different services, so you can get the best cleaning possible. Our technicians already strive to go above and beyond your expectations, but adding extra services helps us customize your cleaning specifically to your needs. These techniques are why we are the best maid service in the local area!

Deep Cleanings Bring Deep Satisfaction

Relax knowing your home is the cleanest it can be. During our deep cleaning service, our technicians will hand wipe all of the baseboards in your home, wet wipe your window blinds, wipe down your interior windows, and clean the inside of your over, refrigerator, and cabinets!

Make Moving Homes Painless

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful! Let us take care of the hardest part of moving in or out of your home. Make your unit blow your previous landlord away, or make the unit perfect for the next tenant. This move out cleaning includes all of the general AND deep cleaning elements, as well as removing all trash from the unit.

Happy, Healthy, and Germ-Free

Don’t just have a clean home, have a healthy one! Our regular services including a lot of sanitizing, but the flu buster cleaning takes that sanitation to the next level. We sanitize all handles, door knobs, remotes, buttons, lamps, tables, knobs, racks, other heavily touched areas of the home, and even your phones! This cleaning is perfect for flu season and people experiencing illnesses that affect their immune system.

Customized Cleanings to Fit Your Home Perfectly

We cover almost all cleaning predicaments you may have in your home. We have specialty cleanings for sororities, post construction homes, commercial spaces, and even a special program for seniors! We also have singular elements you can add to your regular cleaning like laundry, bedsheet changes, finished basements, and deep cleaning closets. For a complete list of everything we do and do not do click here

Feel Secure and Relax

Without our amazing technicians, we wouldn’t be as highly rated and recommended as we currently are! A maid service is only as good as their employees, which means we are pretty great. Our technicians are not only extremely thorough and meticulous, but they have amazing attitudes and always strive to exceed your expectations.

Exhaustedly Selected, Trustworthy & Highly Trained Cleaning Technicians

Our superb quality cleanings come from our superb employees. We select and train our employees beyond the highest standard. Only 1% of applicants are hired. As a result, our technicians are among the most trustworthy and well trained in the industry. We also have several levels of certifications our technicians must go through to ensure we have the best maids in Chicago! Just ask, what are the best house cleaning services near me?

Solo Maid – More Accountability, More Personal, and Better Service Quality!

Don’t clutter your home with an entire team of people! For most cleanings, we only send one highly trained technician. You will receive more than one technician if it is your first cleaning or if you have a very large home. When you book weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings you will have the same technician every time unless you want to try someone else. This allows our technicians to really get to know you and your home which helps them customize the cleaning to fit your specific needs.

Get Respected By Highly Trained Professionals!

We care deeply about our employees well being, so our employees care deeply about our clients. They normally only work weekdays from 8am to 4pm and never have more than two cleanings in a day. We are also the highest paying maid service in Chicago! This ensures that our technicians are well rested, not distracted, and in a positive mood during the cleaning!

The Quality You Deserve

We understand that there are cheaper maid services in the area, however cheaper does not mean better. Cheaper maid services in Evanston tend to have untrained employees, high theft rates, no license, and no insurance. What’s the point of spending money if your not getting your money’s worth? With Fresh Tech Maids, all of our employees are highly trained, background checked, drug tested, licensed, bonded, and insured to make sure your getting the highest quality maid cleaning.

Be Chemical-Free
and Care-free

Fresh Tech Maid is the only cleaning service Chicago, Evanston, and Arlington Heights that cares about your home and your health, so we specialize in chemical free cleaning. We have been featured on every local news station in Chicago to talk about our amazing cleaning techniques, but what is it really?

A Clean, Healthy Home and Earth!

Help yourself and the Earth! Did you know that each year in the United States we dump six billion pounds of cleaning chemicals into our environment? This equates to approximately twenty pounds of toxic chemicals for each person in the U.S. This huge amount comes mainly from commercial, public, institutional, and industrial buildings. However, we also dump another six billion pounds of chemicals from our homes each year, totaling forty pounds of toxic chemicals per person in the U.S. each year!

Don’t Be Tricked By Green Cleaning!

Be truly eco-friendly when it comes to cleaning. Many maid services in Evanston say they are ‘green’ just for marketing purposes. They use products with less chemicals than normal, but they still contain a wide range of chemical substances that aren’t all that much better than toxic products. These chemicals can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin in much the same way as the more toxic chemicals.

Protect Your Home and Family!

Protect your family from dangerous chemicals! When you choose chemical-free cleaning you ensure that absolutely no residual chemicals are left on surfaces or released into the air. There are no carcinogenic or toxic results, and it does not degrade indoor air quality. We can reduce the billions of tons of chemical waste released into the environment, the cleaning-related health issues, and the amount of dangerous chemicals absorbed into our bodies to zero.

Cleaning That Puts You First

Choose a maid service in Arlington Heights that is open about the cleaning products they use. The main cleaner Fresh Tech Maid uses is De-ionized water which is water in its purest form, free of mineral contaminants. It acts as a “hungry” cleaner by attracting and dissolving both microorganisms and soil. It is a powerful solvent, due to its unbalanced chemical makeup. Combining de-ionized water with a microfiber cloth is a great sanitizer and it leaves only water as a residual.

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