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Chicago House Cleaning Services for Seniors?

January 19, 2014

While there are a number of reasons as to why people hire Chicago house cleaning services, a lack of mobility is one of the most popular. Many times people – especially senior citizens – have problems cleaning their homes due to the inability to maneuver vacuum cleaners and other tools or because they cannot stand for the period of time that is required to wash a counter or a sink.

Cleaning is a very physical task. People who clean their own homes regularly and cleaning professionals are already aware of the motions involved in getting a home spic and span. These include:

– Bending over and crouching to clean a bathtub or toilet. It can be tricky to clean these areas, along with those like them, due to the movements required to reach each part of them. In some cases, there are handled brushes and other things that can be used, but they can be tough to maneuver for those with arthritis and other common ailments.

– Standing up in order to clean counters and tables. Some cleaning tasks require you to be on your feet for long periods of time. While standing in one place, like when you’re cleaning a section of a counter or part of a table, may be easier for seniors, standing still for a long period of time can be tough to do.

– Constant movements required for dusting and straightening up. Cleaning requires the ability to move around on your feet. If you are unstable and have a hard time with this, you will not be cleaning your house properly, not to mention the fact that you could fall and hurt yourself during the process.

– Remembering what you cleaned. Many Chicago housecleaning services instill a system in their technicians. This means that the technicians are trained to tackle certain parts of a home, room or area first, and then move on the next step. This is done to ensure that nothing gets forgotten. However, some senior citizens have memory issues, and this can lead to cleaning the same part of the home or room over and over, and not moving on the next step. As you can imagine, this can lead to a number of problems, the least of which is an improperly cleaned house.

All of these are reasons as to why senior citizens, as well as those of any age with mobility problems, should hire a Chicago house cleaning service. The job will be done by an experienced cleaning technician, leaving the house clean and free of hazards.

Here at Fresh Tech Maid, we have a number of clients who have hired us to clean the homes of their elderly loved ones. One such client testimonial is included below:

“Thank you Fresh Tech Maid for taking care of my mom.  I live far away and had to find a reliable service to clean for my mom on a weekly basis.  I was so fortunate to find Fresh Tech Maid.

Fresh Tech Maid was referred by a friend.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that Fresh Tech Maid has won so many awards, such as Best Pick from Best Pick Report, Seal of Excellence from Association of Residential Cleaning Services International, and has an A rating from the BBB.  To me, the most important thing is that the company and its staff must be trustworthy – I do not want my 90-year-old mother to be taken advantage of.  Fresh Tech Maid is the best choice.

I was impressed by how well you worked to coordinate with me to take care of my mother.  You not only cleaned well for my mom, but also updated me frequently on the progress.  Last time, the cleaning technician observed my mother was not looking normal and I got a call.  I really appreciate such courtesy.  Very impressive.  I felt so relieved because of the help provided by Fresh Tech Maid.     Mary B., Arlington Heights, IL”

Fresh Tech Maid specializes in helping seniors with their house cleaning needs.  We understand that there is more at stake than a clean home – the welfare of the senior or seniors is also involved. Because of this, we coordinate closely with family members to provide the right service for seniors.

Because we only hire one person out of one hundred applicants, we are able to ensure that we are providing our clients with only the most trusted technicians. This gives our clients and their families the peace of mind that they deserve. They should not have to worry about the minutiae involved in cleaning the homes of their elderly loved ones and whether or not those loved ones are protected from harm. Instead, we give them experienced and well vetted technicians, as well as progress reports and updates so that they stay in the loop.

We believe that in order to help seniors in the most effective ways possible, we must involve family members.  With each family member’s cooperation, we can be a lot more effective in helping their elderly loved ones.  We update family members frequently on things like cleaning status and the overall condition of the home.

Fresh Tech Maid has a special house cleaning program called Cleaning for Seniors. It is the first program of its kind from Chicago house cleaning services.  Our company has given many senior clients and their family member’s peace of mind, knowing their senior loved ones are well taken care of by the most trusted technicians in the industry.


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