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Hear The Most Important Factor of a Home Cleaning Services Arlington Heights Before It’s Too Late..

No matter what you need in life from house cleaning Arlington Heights, they can make your life a breeze. You can have a regular clean to ensure the health of your home, or a one time cleaning due to an occasion such as moving but either way they ensure your needs will be met. Choosing the right home cleaning service for you can be overwhelming at times, there are so many options available. Companies vary in price, quality and service however there are few major factors which can make or break your experience with them. The most important factor is communication. From start to finish, the cleaning company that you hire must be open and honest creating a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship from the beginning. They should be in contact you from the first sales pitch to long after your reoccurring service begins.

Before the Home Cleaning Services Arlington Heights

Before the service, the company should be clear about what to expect. Understanding your need for a cleaning company at this point in your life is essential for the company to know and be able to match your needs. Asking questions will ensure they can personalize the experience the best they can for you. Digging deep into why you need this cleaning can really help your expectations to be met. Expect to answer questions like ‘so have you used a cleaning company before?’ and ‘what areas of the home should we focus on?’. This gives the company a much better understanding of if you had a cleaning service before, what went wrong? This helps bring to light the aspects of your home and service that you care about. A service should want to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

The customer service representative should make sure to give you all of the information you need about the cleaning- how many people will be cleaning your home, the arrival range and what cleaners they use. Getting this vital information is essential for the health of your home. Ensuring that they use chemical free cleaning products is so important for those in your family with lowered immune systems, pets and children. They should inform you on how you can prepare for the cleaning- Preparing can ensure you save money in the long run ensuring that the technician can do the best job possible when they arrive.

They should be clear and concise about the pricing of the service and how they calculate it. As they have never been in your home before they cannot be certain of how much the service will cost. All prices are estimates however beware of extremely low quotes. They could reveal that in fact the company are using independent contractors who they have not trained themselves. Independent contractors are not trained up to standard. US labor law prohibits cleaning companies to train and direct independent contractors. As a result, if you get an independent contractor to clean your home, it means the house cleaning service is not really committed to quality, safety, and worker’s protection. Instead, the cleaning company put profit first at all cost.  They may not have been background checked either, the sales person on the phone may never have even met the cleaning technician before. Companies that use independent contractors may not be licensed, bonded and insured which means you may be liable if something goes wrong. Why would you want to put your family at risk?

Using independent contractors can reduce payroll tax up to 10% and that’s why they use them In addition, the liability cost, reflected by worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance, can also reduce another 8% of labor costs. Adding all of these factors up can save a company thousands of dollars a year. This results in a drastic profit increase and saves a company huge costs however someone has to suffer. That person is you. The cost they put into their company reflects on the service provided. They may have high profits but it will be at your cost.

Cleaning Management

They should respect your time. Having a short arrival time for about an hour enables you to make the most out of your day- a cleaning service is meant to enhance your life and not meant to . When the cleaning lady arrives, she should do a full walk through of your home after changing her shoes, you don’t want outdoor shoes bringing in any extra dirt from the streets of Chicago after all. The walk through is for the technician to establish the level of cleanliness of the home- essentially evaluating how much time it will take them and how accurate your quote is and for you, highlighting the problem areas that you would like taken care of.

The best cleaning service will have constant communication throughout your cleaning in order to make you feel comfortable. They respect your time and are always on the other end of the phone if there are any problems. Upon arrival, you should be clear with your cleaning lady what you expect from the service and give her a tour of your home. As a result, they get a better gauge of how long it will take to clean your home. Open communication with the customer service representative is a strong identifier of an honest company. You should know who to contact if you have any questions at any time you need. If they call to ask how the cleaning service is going- they are willing to help and identify any problems that you may have, ultimately trying to work with you in order to exceed your expectations.

After Care Service

Following the cleaning, you should be in contact with the company. A company that requests both positive and negative feedback is a true and honest company, it shows their true intentions. It shows that they are willing to grow as a business and they want to build a trusted relationship with you. They want to know about your future needs and how they can optimize their service to best fit them. They do not only seek good feedback, but the bad too. An honest house cleaning service doesn’t want to just take your money, they want to build a relationship with you. Understanding that human’s make mistakes, an apartment cleaning service wants to hear what they did both good and bad. Seeking both positive and negative feedback enables a company to grow and constantly improve for the technician and the company alike.

Walking through the cleaning after the technician is finished is a very good way to ensure the technician can improve themselves and to ensure your needs were met. This also brings to light if any areas were missed that can be fixed there and then. The technicians are human after all, we all make mistakes. It is completely normal for us to miss certain areas of the home. In fact, there are no perfect cleanings, only great ones. Effective and excellent home cleaning services Arlington Heights should be a process from start to finish- ultimately ensuring that you are WOWed from start to finish and fully optimizes your cleanings for the future.

What do you think the most important factor of home cleaning services Arlington Heights?



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