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Three Secrets of Chicago Home Cleaning Services

You wouldn’t even know!

There is so much more to Chicago home cleaning services than meets the eye. Here are three secrets that will help you understand the inner workings of the industry and make your hunt for the best service for you so much easier. Chicago home cleaning services should aim to make your life a breeze, whether you want a bi-weekly/ monthly clean to keep your home fresh and full of life or you’re looking for a one time clean, they are here to help. The maid service Chicago industry has so many aspects to it that you may not even know about. Making homes happier and healthier is only one aspect of what they do. From the hidden cost of low to the hiring of your cleaning lady, there is so much to learn about cleaning companies and the way they work. Fresh Tech Maid are here to let you in on three secrets to cleaning services for homes.

The Lies Home Cleaning Services in Chicago Tell To Make a Sale

Chicago home cleaning services

The cleaning industry has a really high turnover of staff– one of the highest in fact. Staff tend to come and go for various reasons, however some companies still guarantee the same cleaning lady. This guarantee is in fact a sales tactic. Cleaning technicians deserve respect as they are human- they have sick days, emergencies and vacation time. As a result, it is almost impossible for a cleaning company to make you the promise of the same technician all of the time. As a consumer, you must be open to treating the technician with respect and understanding that although a company may make the effort to send the same person to clean your home on a regular basis, there may be times that it will change. An honest company will tell you this- why would you want to Chicago home cleaning services, which may lie and deceive you?

I wouldn’t worry about not having the same cleaning technician every time; it is actually a good thing. Not only will you be able to rely that a service will get done on time, but the cleanings will be done better. Each technician may miss the same areas consistently. Having a new technician is like a new set of eyes, ensuring the home will be cleaned thoroughly and as a result your home over time will get a better and more all rounded clean. Having a number of technicians that know your home can benefit you in other ways such as if there is an emergency. If your regular technician has to call off sick, then at least one other person can take their place and make your home shine. You won’t be left having to fend for yourself and you can always rely on your service.

“But what if I only trust one technician?” Then you are using the wrong maid service in Chicago. The best companies have sophisticated hiring, training, and employee engagement systems to provide trustworthy cleaning technicians. You should trust in their system and wholeheartedly believe that the company you have hired will do the job correctly and with the utmost integrity.

So if the cleaning company is guaranteeing you the same technician, don’t believe them. It is a sign that the company is saying what you want to hear. Instead, make sure the company has reliable hiring, training, and employee engagement systems so that all it’s cleaning technicians are trustworthy and well trained. Having more than one cleaning technicians has so many benefits. Instead of finding the right cleaning lady for you, find the right cleaning company for you.

The hidden cost of low hourly charge rate

The calculation of Chicago home cleaning services is generally done by hourly rate or hours needed to perform the task. To be able to advertise good rates they reduce the hourly rate and higher up the hours needed to clean. When they do this they are able to share to the public that they are much cheaper than the competition when in fact they are not. They see the benefits through their marketing efforts however it ends up costing you in the long run. When talking to a company, make sure to ask about their hourly rates and how much time the cleaning will take- you don’t deserve to be taken advantage of.

We may have already explained how the prices are calculated, but the true cost of cleaning services for homes is the price + time to manage the cleaning + the stress reduced or created. The price is just a fraction of the overall cost of the service. The time it takes to manage a poor home cleaning and the stress created by it can be very costly for you. Why did you book to begin with? I cannot imagine you wanted it to increase stress in your life. In fact, there is a pattern. Low prices often result in more time to manage and increase stress, as you have to handle issues such as theft, breakage and poor quality of the cleaning. Be smart in these situations and do your research. In the home cleaning services industry, cheap is often way more expensive in the long run.

What about future cleanings?

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Imagine this, you hire a new cleaning company and you are blown away by the results of the first cleaning. You think you must be working with the best company in your area, right? WRONG. Chicago home cleaning services love repeat clients. They can promise the world, give you a great first cleaning, but then the quality of the clean steadily goes down over time. Only looking at one cleaning is like ensuring you have balanced nutrition with just one meal. It takes feedback to optimize a cleaning program. In fact, it often takes 2 to 3 cleanings to optimize them specifically for your home.

A common tactic that companies use is to go above and beyond for the first clean, they aim to WOW you catch your attention in order to convert you to a repeat customer. This tactic cannot be kept up- it is impossible. The unsustainable service degrades over time, which leave you frustrated and annoyed. An honest company will not do that. Be observant about the sales pitch the customer service representative is telling you. It depends on the process- the follow up of the cleaning and constant communication in order to tailor the cleaning to you.

Don’t get us wrong, the initial cleaning quality is important. More importantly, however, is to look at how eager the home cleaning service is to receive your feedback. Even better when they don’t just want praise, they want honesty. They want to improve to ensure their service gets better and better. Listen to what the customer service representative has to say; are they open to listening to your feedback? Do they seek areas of improvement from you and can they handle the negativity professionally? If so, what actions do they take and how soon do they take them? Perhaps you find yourself impressed at this stage, look and see if the service can actually improve based on your feedback. If so, then you have found an outstanding company.

What have you learned from using a cleaning service for your home?



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