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I have been living in Arlington Heights area for more than 4 years. I really like this community that is great for raising kids. My favorite thing is spending time with my son! Being a cleaning lady give me so much joy- I love to help people and make their lives easier. That is why the cleaning technician position at Fresh Tech is my favorite!”

16 Cleaning Supplies Tips to Use TODAY

Whether you love to tidy, or you dread the chore, we’re here to give you tips to your place shine. If you’re looking for more tips to make your tasks more efficient, you’ve come to the right place. We at Fresh Tech Maid are the top maid service in Arlington Heights. We have been creating happy families for the last 9 years, we would like to pass on our knowledge to help you. We have put together this list of 21 of our TOP house cleaning tips that you need to know. You will never look back, have a sparkling home while saving precious time that can be spent on your family.

Use a Lint Roller to Clean Screen doors

Your screen door picks up all kinds of dust and dirt, especially in the Windy City. There tends to be a ‘fuzz’ on the outside of your screen which consists of dust, dirt, cobwebs and debris. To quickly tidy up your screen and make it prettier and make your place look much more put together, use a lint roller to clean up the debris. Ditch the dirt, even if it’s at a height. Duct tape the lint roller to a pole in order to reach the corners that you may not be able to reach otherwise.

Skip the Harsh Chemicals when Wiping Down Your Door

Why risk damaging the paint on your door? There is no need for harsh chemicals when you want to make it shine. The best tip? Use a magic eraser! All you need to do is wet it a little, ring it out and it’ll do the hard work for you. It is gentle, yet it lifts stains quickly and easily. The power is in the microscopic details as it literally pulls the tough stains off the surface. It saves you time and it can also be multi-functional!

Clean with Microfiber Cloths

Cleaning with microfiber cloths is a game changer. House cleaning studies have proven that a microfiber cloth sanitizes surfaces 99% in comparison to a cotton cloth which only sanitizes about 33%. ‘How is this possible’ I hear you cry?! Well it’s all in the science of the cloth. It has microscopic looped fibers which trap dirt very effectively and when paired with a powerful solvent, ensure your home is tidy and sanitized. Our cleaning ladies Arlington Heights use these microfiber clothes everyday in order to make homes tidy and safe.

Sanitize Your Microwave With Just Water..

Depending on its usage, your microwave should be sanitized weekly. This may be a chore which you forget or just don’t like doing but the fact of the matter is, it is one of the easiest areas of the kitchen to clean. All you must do is place a cup of water in it for 4 minutes, the steam will do the hard work for you. If you want a slightly tougher product, mix ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar with 1 cup of water. When you carefully remove the bowl from the microwave, wipe it down with a damp sponge to remove the stains. Finish off by drying the microwave down with a paper towel, voila, your microwave is as good as new.

When your little artist’s take it a step too far

house cleaningThe kids love to draw, it’s fun, they can express their creativity and it keeps them busy. When they take their artistic ventures to the walls however it is a different story. Trying to remove stubborn crayon marks from the wall can be a hard task to do, until now. Just mix baking soda with some warm water and using a sponge the drawings will come right off. Let’s hope they keep their creativity to pen and paper!

Clean your windows with ease.

There is no need for harsh chemicals, clean your windows quickly and easily with this quick tip. Use 2 tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with a gallon of water paired with a microfiber cloth to make your windows shine and streak free.

You Don’t Need Chemicals to Clean

Chemical free is the leading way to perform house cleaning. Not only is using chemicals unnecessary and extremely dangerous for the earth and the environment, but it makes you put your health at risk. For children, elderly, pets and those who have a lowered immune system are mostly at risk to the dangerous chemicals. Switching to deionized water, the purest form of water or as we call it, ‘hungry’ water, traps dirt and sanitizes extremely well when paired with a microfiber cloth. Check out our ‘Ultimate Guide to Chemical Free Cleaning’ in our blogs to find out more about the science of chemical free cleaning and how it can help you TODAY.

Clear those air vents

Dust and dirt can build up in your air vents so easily and letting it build up can be bad for your family and their health. The air vents help air circulate your home and as a result, if your vents are dirty they circulate dust and dirt around the room, why would you want that? In order to properly clean it, take a microfiber cloth and place it over a butter knife. This way you can get right into the vent and the microfiber cloth can lift all of the grime and ensure the air circulating your home is fresh.

Have a System

We can testify that it is most effective when cleaning to have a system. We take the job room by room, starting left to right in the room, working top to bottom to ensure every inch of the room is clean and taken care of. Every good maid service Arlington Heights needs to have a systemized process that is efficient and effective.

Dust Baseboards With Dryer Sheets

The easiest and most efficient way to dust your baseboards is with a dryer sheet. This works as it banishes static as well as picking up dirt and dust. It also keeps them dust free for a few days too, it coats the baseboards as it cleans them with a dust fighting film. This not only cleans but is a healthy measure which will save you time in the future!

Gather your products

In order to fully optimize your house cleaning job, gather your products in advance in a caddy. Being prepared for your maid and gathering all your products together can ensure you can take it around with you throughout the home. When all the products are together, you can go from left to right around the room, reaching for each product you need without hassle. As you can bring it with you, you don’t have to run around and grab the products as you need them. They are all with you and ready to go.

Sanitize Your Sponges in the Microwave

We use sponges to clean around the kitchen and bathroom all the time. By putting your sponge in the microwave, it kills about 99% of germs! Saturate it in water then heat it for a minute or two until the water is boiling. If you are reusing your sponge, ensure you are sanitizing it regularly to keep your kitchen safe and when it gets too much use, throw it out after a week or two!

Keep The Air Clean

Earth in handsEspecially if you use chemicals to clean, you may not even realize how dangerous the air you are breathing in can be. One way to purify the air, use a dehumidifier! This Dyson Air Purifier is a great way to clear the air, which is especially important if anyone in your family has asthma or diseases of the immune system. If you want a cheaper alternative and a more natural option, you can opt for some chemical absorbing plants. Our recommendations would be the ‘Areca Palm’ or the ‘Lady Palm’.

Keep Your Kids Toys Free of Germs

The kids can be messy, it is essential to keep their toys sanitized around the home for their health. In order to quickly sanitize their toys, rather than wiping them all one by one, put them in a laundry bag and place them in the washing machine! Sure, it’s noisy, but it works! Keep their toys fresh as their safety is your top priority.

Keep Wood Chopping Boards Looking Brand New

After everyday use, ensure to wash your wooden boards with some soap, rinse them in hot water, wipe them clean and then dry them upright. In order to keep them looking their best, you need to conduct some board maintenance. You should generously sprinkle some salt over the surface, rubbing it in with a sliced lemon and then rinse it well with hot water.

Dust first, then Vacuum

Dusting and vacuuming will save you so much time. When you dust, you are both gathering the dust on your cloth or it falls onto the floor. If you do the floors before dusting, you will be left with a layer of dust on the floor that you will have to sweep up again. This is an operational step that shouldn’t be missed!




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