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 The True Price Of Local House Cleaning Services in Chicago – The Team And Their Stories





Certified Technician: CARMEN


“I have lived in Chicago for all my life and I LOVE to clean!! Being a cleaning lady is all that I need to be happy as I imagine how much time our clients have saved and how healthy their homes are after our chemical free cleaning. There is nothing that makes me feel more fulfilled than being a maid for Chicago. I really believe in chemical free cleaning! Fresh Tech Maid really are the best maid service in Chicago. There is a great sense of community working for this family run business.”

The True Price Of Local House Cleaning Services in Chicago

You may consider a local house cleaning service a luxury but will soon discover that is an essential. The true meaning behind a maid service in Chicago and that it is to reduce the stress and hassle in your life and to make sure you spend your time on what matters most. We at Fresh Tech Maid are here to tell you the ins and outs of the cost of a maid service, why you deserve one and how the true cost isn’t exactly as it seems.

How Much Time Do You Waste Cleaning?

The average time that households spend on cleaning is 2 to 4 hours a week minimum. Think about how long home service chores take you personally each week. Depending on the size of the family and the home, the scope may change. The home may be bigger, and the level of dirt may be higher than usual depending on the amount of use the home gets.

These mundane tasks are the last thing we would like to do with our time. Mopping the floors, dusting and cleaning the stove are all necessary things that need to be done however they are things you may be wasting your time doing. Especially if you have pets, or young children, you have so many more things on your plate that need to be taken care of.

Really think about the cost of your time because your time is valuable. How much do you earn an hour? Making the investment can be very beneficial for you and your whole family. Having a maid service come in for a few hours every week or bi- weekly, your time will be freed up so much more than you can imagine.

You Don’t Deserve to Neglect Aspects of Your Life

What do you have currently? Stress and the headache of not having enough time, trying to spend valuable time with loved ones but you cannot. If you spend enough time working, think about all the hours you’re missing out seeing the little ones grow up and achieve milestones. They grow up so fast after all!

Is your spouse suffering due to your lack of time and energy as you struggle trying to balance your time effectively? Don’t have the time to exercise anymore and eat right making unhealthy life choices?

mother putting shoes on child What are you sacrificing right now? We all easily sacrifice things that really matter to us to get by and live our lives as smoothly as we can. Juggling everything on our plate is never an effective way to live. You may be neglecting so many parts of your life if you don’t manage your time correctly.

Lack of time creates stress and negatively affects your relationships- you need to look after yourself and your family first.

By freeing up even a few hours during the week that you can focus on your career, family and even more. Get that degree you have been dreaming of, spend precious time with your loved ones and never miss a moment of your children growing up. Don’t let your busy schedule get the better of you.

The Cost Reflects More Than You Think

woman thinkingSo you have decided that you need more time in your life and you decided to book the best local house cleaning service. You may see the sticker price on the screen and think ‘no way’. That number does not represent the cleaning service as you may think, there is so much more to the cost than just the cleaning. Obviously, the price will vary depending on whether you want residential, apartment, or office cleaning as the sizes of the property and scope will be different. The true cost of a local house cleaning in Chicago is so much more than that. It is the price you pay + the stress of managing the service + the time to manage the service. Do not just focus on the price.

The price is generally higher due to the investment the company puts into not only hiring and training of the professional house cleaners, but the customer service element to it. The management of the cleaning service is crucial for a great experience. If anything goes wrong, a more expensive company will ensure it is handled promptly and professionally which reduces the stress for you. What if there is a theft, a breakage or even poor quality? Your dissatisfaction should be heard. The point of a cleaning is to do a service for you to do what you need to do. When using a cheap service, you will waste more time managing the cleaning and you will have to spend unnecessary hours following up and ensuring the job is done right if these things do go wrong.

If there was a customer service adviser on the other line, if these issues occurred they would be taken care of swiftly. That is what you really deserve. Taking your precious time out of your day to manage these cleanings defeats the purpose of the cleaning in the first place.

When you break it down, it is not all about the price. In so many cases, the services who charge you a higher price initially are a lot less expensive than the services that charge a low price. They do not invest enough in cleaning management to show good results.

Not only that- higher priced companies invest more into their employees in terms of their hiring and training methods. Fresh Tech Maid only hire 1% of every application we receive, running background checks so you can trust the cleaning lady in your home. Each employee is put through a rigorous month-long training process with several quality checks to ensure all employees are trained to the highest caliber and are all at similar standards. Low priced maid services are low priced for a reason. They do not put resources into where they matter. Why take the risk and cut costs bringing people into your home who may not be trustworthy?

You Can’t Buy Your Health

Hiring a cleaning service that reduces your stress is key, stress can lead to a variety of health problems which can seriously affect your future. Not only does a good cleaning company reduce your stress, but one that uses eco friendly chemical free cleaning will extremely enhance your family’s health.

Happy woman Chemical free cleaning solutions is the leading way to clean, proven LIVE on FOX not only to sanitize surfaces, but to be extremely healthy for your family and the earth. Fresh Tech Maid use the innovative DI Water, water in its purest form which we like to call hungry water. Paired with a microfiber cloth, which has microscopic loops which trap dirt, they effectively sanitize surfaces with no chemical residue.

Some cleaning chemicals leave behind a dangerous residue which when ingested, is extremely harmful for your body and the earth. The consequences of ingesting these chemicals can be deadly. Whether it be ingested through the mouth or in the air, why put your family at this risk? Cancer survivors and patients and those with lowered immune systems are the most at risk. Think of the harm the chemicals could do to their bodies while they are surrounded by chemicals every day?

Asthma and allergies can be heightened by using chemicals to clean and you may not even realize it. Day to day, your life can be extremely affected by these things. Take a look at the products you are using, you never know the effect they might have on you and those around you.

Do you have pets? You may be putting their health and wellbeing on the line! Being so low to the ground, they are exposed to so many more dust particles and chemicals than we are. They are so vulnerable, why put them at risk?

Children and senior citizens tend to have lowered immune systems in general. As a result, by exposing them to chemicals can heighten their chances of becoming ill. This is a tragic circumstance as it is avoidable if you switch to chemical free cleaning.

Not only does it impact your health now, but chemicals affect your future. As there is a chemical residue left on surfaces that cannot be broken down, this affects the earth immensely. Chemicals are also released on into the air which can damage the ozone layer, creating harm for our children’s future.

You may ask yourself “can I afford a house cleaning Chicago?” Your health is your wealth at the end of the day. You may have all the money in the world but if you do not have good health, the number in your bank account is worthless.

The true cost of a maid service is your time and energy. Why add more stress to your life when you don’t have to? Call us or book online to get your free estimate!



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