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Teisha moved to Evanston 8 years ago. Working for Fresh Tech Maid as a cleaning lady has been a dream come true.  “I’m a people person, meeting new people and building relationships is what I’m good at. I love to be flexible and I love to help people so, I LOVE my job as a cleaning lady.”  Indeed, Teisha is one of our highest rated cleaning technician in Evanston.

5 House Cleaning Evanston Mistakes to Stop Making TODAY

Cleaning your home can be a mundane task that takes you several hours a week. Depending on the size of the home, it can take up hours of your precious time which can be spent on you being the best parent you can be, excelling in your career or even spending time with those who mean the most to you. When cleaning, why not optimize it to the best of our ability so you can do it not only effectively, but efficiently. We at Fresh Tech Maid have been Chicago, Evanston and Arlington Height’s #1 maid service for the past 9 years providing both house cleaning services and apartment cleaning services. We have established tips and tricks from our experience that we will share with you so you can live your life to the full.

Cleaning Without a Plan

When cleaning your home, you must go in with a plan. Having a systematic way of cleaning really speeds up the process so you can spend time on what you love to do. We at Fresh Tech Maid are a chemical free house cleaning service who have been running for over 9 years, we really are cleaning experts of Evanston. We testify that having a plan is the fastest way to never miss a spot of your home when cleaning it. Our cleaning ladies use an effective way of cleaning which makes sure every inch of the home is covered and cleaned to perfection.

To begin with, put on an apron. Having your tools on your person is a fast and efficient way to work around your home. It means you will not have to spend time reaching for tool and everything you need to aid your cleaning is close by. Being prepared is key to success. When all the products are together, you can go from left to right around the room, reaching for each product you need without hassle. As you can bring it with you, you don’t have to run around and grab the products as you need them. They are all with you and ready to go.

When you start the cleaning, having a systematic process can make sure the room gets cleaned from top to bottom. Start at the door and high dust. Start from top to bottom, left to right and circle the room. Dusting then vacuuming will save you so much time. When you dust, you are both gathering the dust on your cloth or it falls onto the floor. If you do the floors before dusting, you will be left with a layer of dust on the floor that you will have to clean up again. This is an operational step that shouldn’t be missed!

Don’t Wash Windows on a Sunny Day

The tedious chore of washing windows can take a long time, so we recommend trying and get it done correctly the first time. To avoid the dreaded reclean, follow these steps and hopefully it’ll save you so much time. After all, practice makes perfect!

First things first, you need the right equipment. The perfect pair are a microfiber cloth and deionized water. A microfiber cloth has microscopic wedge hooks and looped shaped fibers which easily trap dirt. When they rub across surfaces, they trap dirt, dust and even microscopic dust which makes it perfect for washing your windows. Deionized water is what we recommend pairing it with. This cleaning fluid is water in its purest form, free of mineral contaminants. We like to call it ‘hungry’ water as it attracts and dissolves microorganisms and soil. Pairing them both, it is a powerful sanitizer and kills 99% of germs! Not only that, but it is chemical free, so it does not leave any chemicals residues which can be of serious harm to your family. It the perfect solution to clean your windows with!

Before you begin cleaning the windows, ensure you wipe down excess dirt from the window. You can do this by sweeping the dirt or using your vacuum with the brush or dusting attachment. This will prevent the additional dirt from creating mud when you spray the deionized water. Next spray the water and wipe the glass first horizontally then vertically as you can see if streaks are forming.

An insider tip is not to wash your windows on a sunny day! You may believe you will be able to see the streaks easier but in fact the strong sun makes your cleaner dry quickly. When it dries quickly, you will not get the opportunity to dry the solution before the sun does, in turn making your windows streaky. For the best results, wash your windows on a cloudy day!

Considering a Rinsed Sponge is Clean

So many of us are under the impression that the sponge sitting on out kitchen sink is clean and ready for use. Sometimes this can be the opposite in fact. Markus Egert, a microbiologist at Furtwangen University, Germany conducted a study into our household kitchen sponges and found “362 different species of bacteria, and locally, the density of bacteria reached up to 45 billion per square centimeter”. This shocking statistic confirmed that our favorite tool for washing up is not the cleanest.

Just rinsing your kitchen sponge will not suffice in cleaning it. Placing it in your microwave and cleaning it with heat ensures you kill 99% of germs! First, you must saturate it in water, once you have completed that, place it in the microwave and turn it on for a minute or two until the water is boiling. If you are using your sponge daily, make sure to sanitize your sponge regularly to keep your kitchen clean. If you have any doubt that your sponge may be too dirty, throw it out! Especially if you have been using it daily for over a week.

This process will keep your family out of harm’s way. It will keep your kitchen clean and it makes sure you are keeping a low germ count around your home, so everyone can live in harmony.

Don’t Neglect Touch Points in the Home

When cleaning, so many of us neglect to clean touch points in the home. According to Brenner Facility Services touch points can be defined as locations around your home that are touched frequently by several people throughout the day. To many of us, we forget to clean these areas and may not even be aware that we have touch contact with them so frequently. Some touch points include light switches, door knobs, remotes and hand rails. As they get touched by so many people so frequently, they tend to harbor germs more than other areas of the home. It is important not to forget these areas when cleaning. They can be effectively cleaned with a microfiber cloth and deionized water as we mentioned above. Pairing them two products will be extremely effective as not only do they sanitize 99% of germs, but they don’t leave any chemical residue behind them.

Deionized water only leaves water as a residue unlike chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners leave dangerous chemical residues behind and when ingested they can do serious harm to your family. They have been linked to several lethal diseases including disorders of the immune system, cancer and asthma. Those with lowered immune systems, pregnant women, children, pets and senior citizens are most at risk of these dangerous chemicals found in your everyday cleaning products. They can be ingested three ways, through inhalation, ingestion and absorption through the skin. At touch points, these chemicals are absorbed though absorption. Consider switching to chemical free cleaning for a healthier and safer home. Our CEO proved how effective it can be LIVE on FOX, it has also been featured on so many reputable media outlets like WGN9, The Chicago Tribune, The Daily Herald and more!

Stop Wasting Time

Think about it, how much time do you spend cleaning each week? Sometimes it feels like your space is never clean despite spending hours of your time perfecting it and scrubbing it down. Cleaning is an ongoing process, it is said that an average household spends 2 to 4 hours cleaning a week, minimum. Think about how long it personally takes you! Depending on the size of the home or the level of dirt in the home, this number can rise drastically. The scope can change week to week depending on the amount of use your home gets, resulting the time it takes you to clean your home fluctuating.

Do you really want to spend your time doing these mundane tasks? Neglecting what is most important to you will never pay off in the long run. The stress caused by not having enough time and the pressure you put on yourself can really harm your health. With children or a booming career, there can be so much on your plate. Maybe you have done your time, your children have grown up and it is your turn to enjoy yourself- you have done enough cleaning your whole life. Mopping floors seem like a waste of time when you know your efforts can be focused elsewhere.

Your time is valuable, the kids grow up in the blink of an eye and why spend hours a week cleaning when you can spend your precious time with them? Think about the cost of your time because it is so valuable. Work smarter, not harder. How much do you earn? Making this investment will allow you to grow and focus on what you really want in life. Your goals are achievable if you put your mind to them and use your resources at hand. Having cleaners Evanston come on a bi-weekly or even monthly basis will ensure you do not waste your time on mundane tasks and you use your time effectively. Hiring a maid service will solve all of these problems.

Do you have any house cleaning mistakes that you would like to share?! Let us know!




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