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The Untold Truths of House Cleaning Rates

June 11, 2020

It is no secret that the house cleaning rates vary massively from company to company. All maid services Chicago have different morals and core values, each reflecting on their prices. From the quality of their cleaning technicians, the hiring process and the excellence of training, the entire way the company is run and how much they care is reflected on the price of the service. Instead of jumping for joy when you see a low quote, ask yourself why it is so low.. Get ready as we will expose the low house cleaning rates..

“I owe how much?..”

Cheaper prices companies cut costs somehow, one major cost cutter is licencing, bonding and insurance. Ensure to ask the company if they have these things. What would happen if someone got injured in your home? YOU would be liable and YOU have to pay the hospital bill. Why would you put your hard earned money at risk for an extra $50 initially?

Would you trust them?

So many maid services cut costs when it comes to their hiring process. A maid service which invests into it’s hiring system is one that cares. Would you trust a stranger in your home? So many use independent contractors who are not even screened or background checked. If the company knows this person, trusts them to do the job well and makes sure your safety is the highest priority, shouldn’t they charge higher house cleaning rates? They ensure the employee has never committed a crime- especially theft because they will be in your home after all. When using independent contractors- the standard is not the same. You may trust the customer service representative on the phone but the cleaning company may not have even met the cleaner before. We are more selective than Harvard at Fresh Tech Maid, hiring only 1% of our applicants.

A Training Plan that Matters

Independent contractors cannot be trained by the company so their standards are different across all employees. This creates an unstable environment for your home as sometimes it may be cleaned well and others it may not. A great cleaning company is one that hires those with integrity and a great work ethic. The employees at Fresh Tech Maid have an extensive four week training plan in order for our employees to excel. We provide continued engagement and coaching from the office throughout the four weeks as well as a trainer assigned to all new employees. I’m sure you would want the same person to clean your home each time, right? Sometimes between illness, vacations and family emergencies that just can’t happen but our system can help that. Having other highly trained staff ensures that you will be taken care of, no matter what happens. This structure ensures those have the best possible cleaning for you.

It is up to you. If you want to pay lower house cleaning rates then be prepared to pay the price later on.