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Certified House Cleaning Services Arlington Heights Technician: Samantha

“I have been living in Arlington Heights area for more than 4 years. I really like this community that is great for raising kids. My favorite thing is spending time with my son!I love to help people and make their lives easier. That is why the cleaning technician position at Fresh Tech is my favorite!”

The Company to Keep: from Quality to Values

Cecilia is a physician and mother of two. She schedules us for weekly cleanings and believes that Fresh Tech is a company to keep.

Her background in the health industry is the main factor that drives her choice to remain with Fresh Tech. As a medical professional, she understands exactly how much healthier a chemical free environment is for herself and her family. Like many in her field, Cecilia holds meticulous standards in many parts of her life. She says herself that she is not easy to please.

Fresh Tech Maid, your House Cleaning Services Arlington Heights, Meets Cecilia’s High Expectations

She insists on the highest quality service coupled with smooth operations. Apparently, we are the first House Cleaning Services Arlington Heights that has passed all of her tests. Because we only use chemicals for cleaning toilets, Cecilia knows that our service creates a healthier environment for her family. She intends to be a lifetime client and she even recommends us to some of her patients, especially those with allergy problems. In addition, she has also helped several cancer patients and families of sick children get free cleaning service through our charitable program. She says that we are a positive influence in the community. Cecilia is one of our favorite clients because she truly understands what Fresh Tech is all about.

Support the Company that Has a Soul

As someone who considers herself socially conscious, Cecilia is always commenting on how well Fresh Tech treats its employees. To her, it is important to support businesses that show not only their customers, but also their employees (and their families), the respect they deserve. Taking into account the hours, conditions, and pay of our technicians, Cecilia says it is no wonder that we have the friendliest and most helpful staff of any House Cleaning Services Arlington Heights. For Fresh Tech, it is not just a matter of good business practice, but we know that it is the right thing to do as well.

Continued Improvement to Become Better

But when you were to speak with Cecilia, you’re likely to hear about more than just our staff and their exceptional service. She also raves about the systems we develop to optimize the customer experience. One of her favorite parts about being a Fresh Tech customer is the ease with which she can customize her service through our website. She says that she loves being able to schedule and reschedule appointments with just a few clicks of her mouse. She goes on to add that she it is surprisingly easy to add special requests for her next appointment when she has had an especially busy week.

We Love to Serve Clients with House Cleaning Services Arlington Heights

The concerns of Cecilia reflect those of her community. We love to provide house cleaning services because both the people and homes themselves are so pleasant. A wonderful community of families (who our technicians love) and modest, inviting residences make this a great area to offer services such as ours. We are so grateful to be able to a part of this community and will continue to push the bar ever higher in our industry.

Customer Testimonials

“Fresh Tech Maid is reliable. The customer service is excellent. They’re always really wonderful to work with and very accommodating. I really haven’t had any issues, and I’ve used them for over a year. I don’t think I’ve ever had to take up any issue with them. They get an A from me!”

Katie, Arlington Heights

“What’s good about Fresh Tech Maid is their customer service, response to requests, and the quality of the personnel. I’ve been using them for about 3 years. I chose them because they were in the EBSCO Best Pick Reports. I would absolutely recommend them to another homeowner. I’d give them an A+.”

Charles, Arlington Heights

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