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Why Cheap House Cleaning Services Chicago May Cost You More

We all want the best bang for our buck right? When searching for a maid service Chicago, we love to hear that we can get what we want for a fraction of the price. We are all bargain hunters at heart however when you hear that cheaper price in the cleaning world it should ring alarm bells rather than make you jump for joy. It costs to clean- some companies will cut corners while running their business to reduce their cost. This may end up costing you time, energy and money in the long run. A cheaper price means something must be compromised on the company’s end. We are here to let you know why you need to consider when you hear a cheaper price.

Low Quality Employees

One way that a cleaning company may cut costs is to hire independent contractors. According to US Labor Laws, companies cannot train independent contractors themselves. As a result- they tend to have a low quality of cleaning and their cleaning level varies from person to person. Companies that hire their own employees use rigorous hiring and training processes. They invest time and money into carefully choosing who they want to send to your home- the customer is their top priority. When you pay to get your home cleaned, wouldn’t you like the job done right? Wouldn’t you rather pay a professional who will do the job to the highest standard? By hiring a low quality cleaner you may as well have saved your money and done the job yourself.

If something goes wrong in your house cleaning service Chicago – it’s on your time and wallet

Maid Services can cut costs through not having to pay for licencing, bonding and insurance. If they hire independent contractors they are not required to have them licensed, bonded or insured meaning if something went wrong in your home- for example theft, you are not covered. Why take the risk? As previously mentioned, when a company doesn’t hire their own employees they have no control over them. House cleaning services Chicago that hire their own employees make sure that they are rigorously screened and background checked for your piece of mind. Cost cutting methods only put you at risk. How would you feel not knowing who is in your home?

It’ll Cost You More in The Long Run

Instead of jumping for joy when you hear a low quote and signing on the dotted line, why not consider why the quote is so low. Cleaning is an expensive task and having a company that cuts corners in order to get the sale will only cost you more in the long run. In some cases, companies may give you a low quote which underestimates how much time the technician will take to clean your home. In that situation you will be given a choice to pay more and get the cleaning finished, leave the job half finished if you would not like to pay or not even give you the option and bill you a large amount. The initial cost price ended up costing you so much more as they try to pull the wool over your eyes. Not only may it cost you more money, it may cost you in your time. If the cleaning isn’t up to a high standard, it will cost you your time afterwards re cleaning yourself and dealing with the customer service representatives- why would you want that? From writing your opinions on review sites such as Yelp, to complaining to the customer service team and trying to fix the situation, you will end up spending more time. Not to mention, it will cost you your health. A service that was once meant to relieve stress, now turns into one which causes you so much more. Your health is your wealth at the end of the day and an honest house cleaning services Chicago should enhance that.


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