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House Cleaning Services Chicago

Certified House Cleaning Services Chicago Technician: Carmen

“I have lived in Chicago for all my life.  I LOVE to clean!! I imagine how much time our clients have saved and how healthy their homes are after our chemical free cleaning and that is all what I need to be happy.  I really believe in chemical free cleaning!”

More Time with my Family!

Tim is a father of three boys, aged 8, 9, and 12. On top of that, he is a manager in an accounting firm. Before finding Fresh Tech, he felt that his life had enough of everything, except for time. Managing a hands-on business, juggling sports and music schedules, and maintaining a household with his wife all at the same time is enough to wear anyone down. It’s only natural that he seeks a little help.


And now that he is one of our customers, he loves to tell people that Fresh Tech is the ideal house cleaning service for busy parents. No longer does he or his wife spend all day Saturday trying to catch up with the week’s messes. Now he is able to relax and spend time with his family on the weekends. And this is quite a welcome luxury, because according to him, his wife is just as busy as he is. She has just as little free time but is an absolute neat freak.

Tim says that without a reliable cleaning service for busy parents, their marriage would suffer, along with their relationships with their children. We have been visiting Tim’s house every week for a year and half to keep things up to his wife’s high standards. He says that without Fresh Tech, he would be lost. He adds that thanks to us, maintaining his home is easier and less stressful.

Tim also tells us that before he began his relationship with Fresh Tech, He was using all sorts of chemicals to get his home clean. He was sure this was the only way. We are so grateful to be able to lead the way in educating people about the power of chemical free cleaning. Many maid and similar services advertise cleaning services for busy parents but do their cleaning with chemicals that aren’t safe around children or adults. The only chemicals we use at all are in the toilet.

“Fresh Tech is not just a cleaning service for busy parents,” Tim says, “They are a company dedicated to this community.” We appreciate his sentiment and are glad he understands our mission. Another of the reasons he was drawn to us is because he heard about the free service we offer women with cancer. Affected by the terrible disease in his own family, he insists that he feels connected to us beyond the transactional relationship. And we feel the same way about him.

Why this House Cleaning Service Loves to Help our Clients in Chicago?

In Chicago, Fresh Tech has all it could ask for. Between a strong, highly qualified labor base and the large high income population, we could not ask for a better climate to offer our services. Not to mention, Chicago is one of the most progressive cities in the nation, creating additional interest in our environmentally friendly, chemical free services.

Customer Testimonials

Judith is our cleaning technician in Chicago

Our Chicago House Cleaning Service Technician Judith

“Fresh Tech Maid technician cleaned my house on Friday. What a great job they did again! An old house like mine (100 years old) is very difficult to clean, but they did a perfect job every time. Please thank them for me. Your service is wonderful!”

Judith, Chicago, IL

Laura is our cleaner from Chicago

Laura is our house cleaning service client from Chicago

“I was at work.  But when I came home, the house was sparkling clean and smelled fresh. the stainless was gleaming and the mirrors and glass polished! I am a fan of Fresh Tech Maid.  I will be using the service for a long time!”

Laura, Chicago, IL

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