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Teisha - Evanston House Cleaner

Evanston House Cleaning Service Technician Teisha

Certified House Cleaning Services Evanston Technician: Teisha

“Teisha moved to Evanston 8 years ago. As a cleaning technician in Evanston, working at Fresh Tech Maid is a dream come true.  “I love to work around all day and I love to help people!  So, I LOVE my job as a house cleaner.”  Indeed, Teisha is one of our highest rated cleaning technician in Evanston.

The Company that Delivers!

Diana is a nurse with two kids. She has been with us for three years despite the variety of other Evanston house cleaning services. Fresh Tech is voted the Best Pick Report’s top house cleaning service in Evanston and Diana certainly agrees.

With Fresh Tech, she has the ability to rate each individual technician on each cleaning they perform via our website. This give Fresh Tech an opportunity to improve its overall service and provide you with peace of mind in the rare case that we didn’t live up to your expectations. But to hear Diana tell it, it seems like any technician that Fresh Tech hires seems to love their work and excel in most areas. She also enjoys the various scheduling option that is available online as well. She can even make notes specific to one appointment instantly.


Diana always remarks that our customer service is second to none. At Fresh Tech, that is the goal. Our aim is to provide exceptional service that can develop into long term relationships. We value our patrons and you can rest assured that Fresh Tech will always remain on the cutting edge of our industry and lead the way in customer service among all Evanston house cleaning services.

Other companies simply cannot compare to the power of chemical free cleaning. It’s a little known fact that the use of chemicals around the house causes more damage to our bodies than the dirt and dust we are so determined to remove. But this seems more than a little bit silly when one learns that those chemicals are simply not necessary, in fact sabotaging the cleanliness of your home. The issue is, the use of cleaning chemicals leaves everything with an invisible layer of substances dangerous to human health. These chemicals are then breathed in, picked up on our hands, or absorbed into our bodies through other means.

Understanding our place among Evanston house cleaning services, Diana says, ““I will use Fresh Tech Maid for a long time to come.”  She knows that we provide service she just can’t get anywhere else. The combination of our cleaning techniques and the way we manage our personnel culminate in the industry’s best customer experience. She adds that in all honesty, she could probably get away with bi weekly cleaning, but simply enjoys how clean and fresh her home feels after we leave..


We Love to Serve Clients with House Cleaning Services Evanston

For Fresh Tech Maid, it is truly a privilege to clean the homes of Evanston. There is so much beauty, both modern and historical. Our staff absolutely loves to service such homes and often times, they say that interacting with their residents is even better.  Maybe its thanks for Northwestern University, but Evanston seems to contain such a progressive population of innovative thinkers who are willing to make changes that better our world. No wonder our chemical free approach is so popular here.

Customer Testimonials

“The workers you sent were first-rate. What a pleasure to be able to have this service!”

Crystal, Evanston Area

“Fresh Tech provided all the info we needed–by phone and via e-mail–and got our deep cleaning scheduled quickly. The team that did the work was courteous and thorough. Everything looked great, especially the floors, fixtures and appliances!”

Lisa, Evanston, IL

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