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House Cleaning Services Evanston

Why They Should Offer Discounts For Regular Service

When looking for a maid service Evanston, you may look at a variety of factors. The best cleaning services have employees rather than independent contractors for your piece of mind and quality of cleaning. Best cleaning services use chemical free cleaning products which help make the earth a better place and which is good for your family’s health. A good maid service is truthful to you and is honest about the pricing. These may be obvious factors to you however one very important and forgotten factor is discounts for regular service. Here at Fresh Tech Maid we ensure you get the best possible service for you and will tell you why you deserve regular service.

But What if The Price is Low?

If a company gives you a cheap initial cleaning price, they are dishonest. Instead of jumping for joy and signing on the dotted line, find out why the price is so low. The company is most likely cutting costs at some stage of the process, why would you want that? They are most likely using independent contractors rather than employees. Employees are hired and trained by a company and are managed directly by the company whereas independent contractors are outsourced by the company. The differences are huge, and you may not notice them from the outset.

One main difference is that employers are not permitted to train independent contractors and as a result they are not generally trained up to standard. US labor law prohibits cleaning companies to train and direct independent contractors. As a result, if you get an independent contractor to clean your home, it means the house cleaning service is not really committed to quality, safety, and worker’s protection. Instead, the cleaning company put profit first at all cost. If a company is employing a cleaning technician, they take the time to invest in them. As a result, they generally have a strenuous training plan which not only ensures they are working to the best of their ability, but they are all trained to the same degree, so you will be continually satisfied with the cleanliness of your home. Their skill level is next to none! In contrast, independent contractors can be hit or miss as they have not had consistent training.

Other points to note about independent contractors is that they may not be as trustworthy. Many companies that have independent contractors may not have even met them before! Would you trust the promises the customer service representative was telling you if you knew they had never even met the technician?! When a company uses independent contractors it can be a disaster for you.

You may wonder why companies even use independent contractors?! It cuts costs drastically. There is no need to have as much man power to manage the staff and train new employees. Not only that, using independent contractors can reduce payroll tax up to 10%. In addition, the liability cost, reflected by worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance, can also reduce another 8% of labor costs. Adding all these factors up can save a company thousands of dollars a year. This results in a drastic profit increase and saves a company huge costs however someone must suffer. That person is you.

The High Initial Cleaning Price

For various reasons, your initial cleaning price may be high. Maid services generally base their rates on man hours * base rate of pay. As the company has never been in your home before, they have to estimate how much time it will take for the cleaning. Again, this is an estimate and is generally higher than usual. As it is assumed you have never had a cleaning service before, your house will have a higher level of dirt that the technician will have to tackle. Therefore, the cleaning may take longer and as a result. The customer service representative on the phone should communicate with you about this. The ultimate way to ensure a company is honest and trustworthy is their ability to communicate with you, a company that is upfront about the price and who manages your cleaning from start to finish.

Why House Cleaning Services Evanston Should Give You a Discount

If you require regular service, not only are you freeing up your time to focus on you and those who matter the most, you will be saving money. Once a maid service cleans your home, they will have done a deeper clean and if they come on a biweekly basis the level of work won’t be as much. They will be working to clean and maintain a level of perfection in your home. The rate is generally based on man hours * hourly rate of pay, as they do not have to clean for as long then you should not have to pay! You work hard enough day to day- you need to find a cleaning service who you trust to give you the most value. Any reputable and honest company will give you a discount for regular service. Here at Fresh Tech Maid we give a monthly discount of 15%, a bi-weekly discount of 20% and a weekly account of 25%.

You shouldn’t even have to ask for a discount, there should be one there waiting for you!

Reap The Benefits

So yay! You have decided to book a regular maid service. We can’t wait for you to start seeing the results. The results vary from case to case scenario but there are so many that you can’t pass up. The beauty of house cleaning services is that they free up your time. Having that extra two to three hours a week extra that you would have spent on cleaning your home can seriously enhance your life. Think about what you love in life- what makes you happy. Is it your family, your other half or your business you have established and run on the side of your job? Think of the benefits you would see if you put in that extra time to spend on that.

Not only that, but if you use a chemical free cleaning service your health will improve drastically. When you use chemicals to clean, you may think your home is clean, however this is not the case. Since post World War 2, we have been brainwashed through advertising to think that you need chemicals to make your home as clean as it can get which is FALSE. Chemical free cleaning shows the same results, without leaving the toxic and carcinogenic residues on the surfaces around your home and doesn’t degrade air quality. Why expose your family to these dangerous elements when you don’t have to? Switching to a regular service of chemical free cleaning will ensure the health of your family is the best it can be.



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