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Residential Cleaning: Why It’s Worth the Money

August 24, 2017

You know the old saying, “time is money?” Well, according to a new study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, time may very well be happiness too. This study was conducted across the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Canada, with around 4500 participants. According to the research, participants reported a higher level of happiness and contentment when they spent money on time-saving tasks. One of these time savings tasks that is conducive to happiness is hiring residential cleaning services.

You may feel skeptical about these results; how could spending money make me happier, even if it does save me a little bit of time? We as a maid service Chicago will tell you how hiring a maid can lead to greater overall happiness.

The Proof

Researchers tested a variety of time-saving tasks and how they affected overall happiness. These tasks included hiring a residential cleaning service or other help for the home, paying someone to run an errand, buying takeout instead of cooking dinner, and taking a cab instead of walking, driving, or public transportation.

To control for the possibility that the reported levels of greater happiness did not come from simply spending money, the researchers also tested participants who spent money on material objects such as clothes, games, or expensive wine and food. As they predicted, this material spending did not lead to as much happiness as paying for time-saving tasks. An interesting aspect of the results was that they did not vary based on income level. You would think that those with less income would be more anxious about spending money, but the study showed that not having to deal with these time-wasting tasks was worth the money!

The key finding of this study is really not surprising: reduced stress leads to greater happiness! The surprising thing is how much stress and anxiety build up over seemingly simple tasks like cleaning and cooking. However, we all know the feeling of coming home after a long day at work and finding the house a mess, no clean dishes, and no groceries. It can be very stressful and disheartening not to come home to a Chicago clean home.

The reason for this stress is that there is such limited time in one day, especially for those who are employed full time and have children or older relatives to care for. The stress is especially increased if the required task is time-consuming and unpleasant to the person who must complete it. Some people like cooking and residential cleaning, but others would rather do anything else!

This is where Fresh Tech Maid, residential cleaning services Chicago IL comes in! We provide customized residential cleaning services by certified and screened professional technicians. When you hire a maid service in Chicago, you never have to worry about a dirty home. Don’t feel unnecessarily stressed by spending your valuable time cleaning. As the data shows, hiring a cleaning service is definitely worth the money as it will lead to greater happiness!